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The Top Three Things You Need to Get Right to Ensure Your Wedding is a Success

It's all about the timings, entertainment and food.
I've been working as a professional magician for over a decade, and in that time I've been to countless events. I've been lucky enough to attend and perform at some truly…

Exhibitors Attending a Wedding Show Fair

How to showcase your talents and optimise your bridal fair and exhibition experience.
Each year hundreds of wedding fairs take place around the country, with thousands of potential clients looking to spend their money. If this is the case, how come some vendors…

Tips for Hiring Magicians For a Party

Get clued up on choosing a conjurer.
Want to find out how much an extra touch of magic at your event will cost? Get a Quote Wedding Magician  David Willmott 17 Westerleigh Road Downend Bristol BS16 6UY  0117 949…