|| September 14, 2011

royal_wedding_magic_kiss.jpgIf you are new to planning parties, you might be at a loss about what to do for entertainment. You might have seen ads for dancers, comedians, clowns, or DJ’s which may appear like a great idea for your next party. However, there are several reasons why you should hire a magician for that next major bash, and these reasons also show why hiring many common party entertainers might not be as good a choice as you once thought.

1. A Great Magician Appeals To All Ages – You could be 6 or 60, seeing an incredible sleight of hand still will invoke a lot of emotions. Magicians are loved by every age group because they are entertaining on a visual, intellectual, and also emotional level. Hiring a DJ or a band will not have this all-ages appeal, no matter how hard the entertainer may try. Different ages have different musical tastes.

2. It’s Really Family Friendly – People cringe when they hear “family friendly” because they expect to see an act which would be better suited for people who are still watching Barney the Dinosaur. Age has little to do with real family friendly entertainment. You will need an act that can be enjoyed at any age, but there is a lot more to it than just that. Family entertainment is supposed to help draw the entire family together, and also give them something to talk about afterward.

3. Magicians Are Cross-Cultural – The problem with hiring music entertainment or dancers is that there is a very high chance that you will offend someone. What may be socially acceptable to one culture can be extremely offensive to another. A typical magic show will not have any material that would offend any cultures. This makes magicians a favorite for office celebrations, weddings, multicultural events, and other parties that will have people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

4. They Can Be Crass (If You Are OK With It) – Just because you can have a squeaky clean magician act doesn’t mean that a bachelor party-worthy magic show can’t be found. The best magicians can cater to almost any event and any group of people. If you want a more risque magician act, it’s very possible that you will find a magician who will cater to your needs.

5. Magicians Create A Magical Atmosphere – Ambiance is a major factor in any party, and magicians are experts when it comes to bringing out that unique spark that makes a party’s atmosphere go from ordinary to extraordinary. Their talent at creating an incredible atmosphere can come from a variety of places. It might be from the surreal, spellbinding acts they perform, or from the unique stage personalities they have. It doesn’t matter where they managed to get that spark from, though. What matters is that it can electrify your event.

6. It’s Unique – Another major issue many party planners have is that every entertainment option they broach might seem hackneyed. Magicians are still considered to be a unique addition to any party. Think about it. When was the last time that you saw a magician perform at a party that you attended?