“Just wanted to say thanks to you and the other Dave for helping us to have such a great night last Sunday. Everyone had a fab time and I have had lots of positive comments and feedback. Lots of people were amazed by the magic you performed!”
“I thought David provided a novel twist to our Christmas lunch, he was very talented and was entertaining for people of all ages, everyone I spoke to was amazed by his performances and the variety of tricks.
The magic tricks he performed were extraordinary (no matter how hard I watched his hands I could not see how he managed the amazing tricks).”
“Your performance was incredible, the way you moved between the guests at the reception in the bar and then visited each table in turn during dinner meant that everyone was able to enjoy your incredible magic. My wife called your performance “spooky” she was spell bound! As the organizer for the evening it was great comfort to me to hear the rounds of applause coming from the tables after your performance and made my evening.
All the best for the New Year and please don’t hesitate to use my name as reference for future clients as I can assure them that to have you as part of the evening will make it a memorable one!”
“My friends thought you were truly fantastic and great entertainment. Anna was bemused and keeps saying ‘but he was tricking me’ which was of the whole point. Amazing is another word which crops up in all conversations post party, as does fabulous. You really did a wonderful job of entertaining my guests and I am thinking of organising another event so I can book you again.
I haven’t yet got my camera back but will email you with some photos when I get it.”
“Three times I was his ‘victim’ and not once did see or notice how he performed the tricks. On one occassion he even stuck a card behind my watch strap and I never felt a thing or noticed it until he asked me to look. It was a thoroughly baffling and enjoyable performance with all his tricks.”
“Your magic was thoroughly enjoyed by all – young and old alike. Not one of us can fathom one trick we came to the conclusion that you really do use Magic!
The way you so pleasantly and politely amazed everyone was just great, and much appreciated.
(The cards will remain on the ceiling as a tribute!)”
“We had lots of positive reactions to your magic both at the party and afterwards. Our friends were very impressed by the standard of your magic, I’ve had lots of conversations with people along the lines of “How did he do it?” We were amazed and mystified and consequently very entertained. Your magic provided a fun and novel twist to the party and we all enjoyed it very much!”
  • Adding Wonder to your Christmas Party.

  • Amazing ice-breaker for Christmas Parties.