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Your wedding day is the most momentous of your whole life – an amazing celebration that brings together families and friends, past and present, near and far.

It means so much to everyone that there’s huge expectation riding on a single day – you’ve got to get it right, first time! And, let’s be honest, a wedding is probably the most joyous, but challenging, event you can ever organise! Emotions are running high, there’s so much to think about, and you really want to make your special day a little different. If that’s not a tall enough order, there’s the guests – a huge mix of ages and backgrounds, each with their own opinions, foibles and stories. It definitely calls for a magicians touch!

Making Magic Memories

David’s warm character and his amazing array of close-up magic tricks will prove invaluable throughout the day. He is quick to relax people, get them mingling and chatting, then ensures everyone is kept amused and entertained as your day moves through its many stages.

When’s the best time for a magician at your wedding?

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    The Perfect choice to entertain your wedding guests.