While they wait

The official photographs can take quite a long time. While the rest of your guests are waiting, instead of leaving them bored, why not consider hiring a wedding magician to keep them entertained?

While they eat

At your wedding, some of your guests may not know anyone else, so you’ll need an ice-breaker to get the conversation started. Magic during your wedding breakfast is the answer!

Between the courses, David will move from table to table, with an array of close-up tricks to stun your guests. This is a great way of bringing the group together and giving them something to talk about, as they will have all experienced something incredible together!

While they arrive

If you are planning an evening reception, often it can be awkward or stilted as your guests are arriving, before the wine starts flowing! This can be the perfect time to incorporate some magic into your day. Once again, it’s an ideal way to introduce people as they mingle and get them talking!

With 10 years’ experience, whatever the size of your event – large or intimate – David can add the magic to your big day. It will be truly memorable, as well as entertaining. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote.

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  • Picking the Right Wedding Magician.

“David – WOW, WOW, WOW. Your magic tricks are the continued talking point from the wedding – we are still at a loss to understand how you even began to do the tricks and all of our friends and family have commented on what a wonderful addition it was to the day. We have heard “did you see the one where he ….” in almost every conversation since the wedding.”
“Wonderful ‘ice breaker’ during the reception which got strangers talking like old friends.
I know that it was my daughters wedding reception, but all I have heard from most of the 75 guests is how fantastic you were! I in turn of course am basking in your praise! because I booked you.”
“Just wanted to send you our heartfelt thanks for your contribution to our wedding in February at Clearwell Castle. It is always a risk booking someone that you haven’t seen in action, however you exceeded our expectations and everyone was blown away by your performances.
I thought I would send you some photos that our photographer took which I think show how much we all enjoyed your magic!”
“Oh David…. What can I say!
You absolutely blew us away with your amazing skills at Mark and Lucy’s Wedding!
Your presence was a complete surprise to our guests – having you there was the prefect ice breaker and boy were they impressed!
We are still talking about your performances at each table and cannot decide which was our favourite – they were all jaw dropping.
We had a very cynical guest who has travelled and seen at lot… he was truly impressed with you David and to get that reaction from him was worth SO much!
Thank you too for staying on to entertain our evening guests – they were all very important to us and to give them such a fantastic welcome was very impressive.
David, we are all very grateful to you. You are a very talented and charming person are you were an absolute pleasure to have with us on such a special day.
But best of all… In an earlier email I asked you to ‘magic up some sunshine…..’ and YOU DID!!! :)”
“I hired David for my wedding to provide the entertainment whilst our guests relaxed after the ceremony and wedding breakfast. He was punctual and went the extra mile by staying and performing for several hours beyond his initial booking. All of the wedding guests were absolutely amazed by his skill and sleight of hand.
It was truly superb and completely bamboozled all that saw him perform. It has been a huge talking point since the wedding amongst all who witnessed this. Even the sceptics were won over.
I would thoroughly recommend David to anyone who is thinking of hiring the services of a magician/performing trickster at a wedding or any celebration event. Any corporate organisation who are intending on holding an evening/lunchtime event should consider hiring him as all would be thoroughly entertained and amazed.”
“We thought you did a sterling job at our wedding and our guests definitely enjoyed it too! It was great seeing (and hearing!) the reactions of our guests many of whom spoke to us later about how good you were ( or how stunned they were!). We will never look at kiwi fruits in the same way again!”
“We just got back from honeymoon. The feedback we have received from our guests about your performance was phenomenal. Everyone was very impressed with your performance. We have passed your details on to a couple of friends who are getting married next year. If we had seen your performance before we would have been willing to pay more, your charges are very reasonable which is hard to find in your industry, believe me we researched for months! We thank you very much for making our day even more wonderful, you were certainly (and still are) the main talking point. We hope to see you in the near future at our friends’ weddings.”
“Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests! Everyone was extremely impressed!
You are still the subject of many of conversations between our friends and family. Having you there was one of the highlights of the day and has given us yet another happy memory from our wedding.
Personally, as the bride I was very grateful that you showed me a trick before I entered the reception room. Everyone was saying how great you were but I’d resigned myself to missing it. So thank you for grabbing me before you left, I truly have no idea how you do it!
Thank you again you really gave an added extra to the day”