David Willmott takes much of the job of entertaining from the party’s host and/or hostess by providing an attention grabbing, fantastic magic show that the party givers get to enjoy as well as the guests they have invited to the party. Never does he prank or embarrass a guest, but merely takes them along with him on a fun, light hearted ride that leaves everyone laughing and enjoying the tricks that are played. Up close and personal performances where the magician mingles with clusters of guests or stops to talk with them tableside are a fun and unique way to bring lively entertainment to any party anytime.

  • Subject of Many Conversations.

  • Entertain Guests in Style

  • An added Dimension of Entertainment.

“Just wanted to send you our heartfelt thanks for your contribution to our wedding in February at Clearwell Castle. It is always a risk booking someone that you haven’t seen in action, however you exceeded our expectations and everyone was blown away by your performances.
I thought I would send you some photos that our photographer took which I think show how much we all enjoyed your magic!”
“I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of us both for performing at our wedding. Our guests young and old really enjoyed watching you and everyone we have spoken to since has said how good you were, I just wish we’d had time to watch more of your magic ourselves!”
“Oh David…. What can I say!
You absolutely blew us away with your amazing skills at Mark and Lucy’s Wedding!
Your presence was a complete surprise to our guests – having you there was the prefect ice breaker and boy were they impressed!
We are still talking about your performances at each table and cannot decide which was our favourite – they were all jaw dropping.
We had a very cynical guest who has travelled and seen at lot… he was truly impressed with you David and to get that reaction from him was worth SO much!
Thank you too for staying on to entertain our evening guests – they were all very important to us and to give them such a fantastic welcome was very impressive.
David, we are all very grateful to you. You are a very talented and charming person are you were an absolute pleasure to have with us on such a special day.
But best of all… In an earlier email I asked you to ‘magic up some sunshine…..’ and YOU DID!!! :)”
“Alexander and Grace thought you were great and we have had some great thank you letters from many of the party goers about how impressed they were.
I have therefore written the following.
David Willmott came to my son’s 18th Birthday party to provide some fun before and during dinner. He was fantastic. He launched himself into groups of people and around tables with confidence, amusing stories, an engaging but humble approach and a large range of remarkable tricks. No guidance was needed. The response from the teenagers was “WOW” with a constant need for more…..so much so that there were times David was being followed for is next trick. £10 notes out of Kiwi fruits, disappearing jewelry, very elastic bands and many more kept 135 sceptics amused for nearly 3 hours. With very few exceptions, the thank you letters from those that were there all mentioned how impressed they had been by the variety and high quality of David’s tricks.”
“What a wonderful wedding – I think we had THE weekend’s best weather of the year! A perfect occasion.
Thank you for your contribution during drinks on the terrace. Audience reaction was very good and despite watching you very closely, no one could detect how you did those tricks! The one where the chosen card ended up on the ceiling was particularly beguiling!
Rob (the bridegroom) had asked me if we could have a magician, and I was pleased to have you recommended by Eastwood Park. If I were suggesting hiring you to someone I’d say that you brought a sense of fun and mystery to the drinks interlude, and a great icebreaker to the little groups of guests you entertained in turn.”
“Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests! Everyone was extremely impressed!
You are still the subject of many of conversations between our friends and family. Having you there was one of the highlights of the day and has given us yet another happy memory from our wedding.
Personally, as the bride I was very grateful that you showed me a trick before I entered the reception room. Everyone was saying how great you were but I’d resigned myself to missing it. So thank you for grabbing me before you left, I truly have no idea how you do it!
Thank you again you really gave an added extra to the day”
“Excellent, as well as being frankly mystifying! To be able to do what he did under such close scrutiny (and I wasn’t drinking either!) more than proved his competence.”
“Thank you very much for such a fantastic performance, I know that it was my daughters wedding reception, but all I have heard from most of the 75 guests is how fantastic you were! I in turn of course am basking in your praise! because I booked you. A BIG THANKS, for such a wonderful ‘ice breaker’ during the reception which got strangers talking like old friends, I do hope to see you again in the near future, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone organising any sort of ‘do’”
“Rob and I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for entertaining our guests on our wedding day. Our guests thought you were brilliant and I was particularly chuffed that you performed a trick for me before you left as I didn’t get to see you whilst you were wondering around. My card is in pride of place at home with my first signature as Mrs Ford!”
“This is my first day back at work today having had an extended weekend celebrating my birthday. Who says you can’t have fun at 50!!!
Now reality kicks in and I very much wish that I was back at the Park Hotel being entertained with your special magic.
My jaw still hangs open when I try and re-visit some of the magic that you performed, – just how did you do that?
My friends and family were truly mesmerized by your performance and if you found yourself with ‘burning ears’ it would have been because everybody was talking about you! I can say with absolute honesty, that my birthday celebrations were made extra special by having you perform at my party. I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that I would recommend you to absolutely anyone. Your entertainment was pure ‘magic’. Thank you so very much. I really do hope that I get the opportunity to watch you again, you were such good fun, easy to listen to and my goodness, did you have us all spellbound!”
“Feedback all 100% positive! You arrived at the perfect time – whilst people were mingling in the reception room and waiting for the evening event to begin. You ‘blended in’ well which we were hoping you would as it we didn’t really want your performance to be a show.
You were a hit with all age groups, particularly the ages that can sometimes find weddings a bit slow – Young Mollie was especially impressed! As I think I mentioned in my last email, people are still talking about how on earth you performed the magic! My Mum only today mentioned your ring trick- it was all perfect!
Thank you again for helping to make a fabulous and memorable day”
“Thank you so much for joining us at our wedding, everyone thought you were absolutely amazing, many of our guests have NEVER seen a close up magician before & were very very impressed with your performance. They didn’t want you to finish and my nephew Sam was so overwhelmed he didn’t stop talking about how brilliant you were.
Clive and I loved the way you moved around our guests both before & during the meal. We could hear the laughter, “wows” and see our families & friends clapping & enjoying themselves which meant that we were able to relax knowing that you were entertaining them.
Even now, nearly 3 weeks later, they are still talking about it, which is great.
We all had a fantastic day & so pleased that you were part of it. We would suggest to anyone having a wedding or party no matter how big or small to invite you along to make sure the event is a real success. You are truly a very professional performer.
Thank you David from the bottom of our hearts.”