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Looking for magical entertainment in Nottingham magician David Willmott is the key.
A full time professional close up magician David has been hired across Nottingham and the Midlands providing engaging close up magic at weddings and corporate events.

To see if David is available for your event – please get in touch today.

Magicians worldwide bring awe and bafflement to the scene when invited to perform close up at parties and weddings. The sleight of hand and mind tricks when seen up close seem even more mystifying because often people feel like they would catch the trickster if he were up close and personal. All of that is part of the magical allure of Nottingham magical performer David Willmott.

Magician Nottingham
“Well I can certainly say you were a hit at our party. Everyone enjoyed your act, even the sceptics could not believe their eyes and one particularly sceptical person just gave in and enjoyed it for what it was – a truely magical experience.
I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is thinking of organising a party and wants a ‘theme’ to draw it all together or to break the ice with guests.
Hope we will get a chance to see your act again in the future.”
“Thank you very much for your performance at Joshua’s 18th Birthday party on the 4th September 2009, at Nailcote Hall and Country Club.
The reaction from all the guests was fantastic, people are still talking about your magic now (November 2009).
We have had guests ask for your telephone number, that we have been happy to pass on.
We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody.
Myself, Lisa, Joshua and the boys would like to say a big thank you for adding something special to our night.”
“Thank you so much for performing at our wedding. Our guests had a lovely time, with one of them saying that you did some wickedly fascinating magic. Something about money turning into a kiwi fruit.? Anyway, they all had a good laugh, and we’re glad you were there to wow us with your magic!”