Quotes from previous performances...

From famous faces to couples' celebrations, from big brands to small societies, there isn't anyone who hasn't seen my magic and loved it. After being left amazed, impressed and speechless, here's what they all had to say!

“I hired your magical talents for our wedding held at Leigh Court. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did, you were absolutely amazing. Everyone’s still talking about it, after witnessing your performance you’ve totally raised the bar.
You really wowed our guests and I’ll certainly be recommending you to people in the future.”
“Absolutely Fantastic”
“At our recent Annual Ball, David stunned everyone with his silky smooth magic. He was professional and non-intrusive in his manner, whilst being friendly and approachable. People were left in awe by the seemingly impossible things he was doing! He was an invaluable addition to the evening’s activities, and one that I would recommend to any event!”
“WOW Oh my God that is AMAZING”
“Unbelievable magic under our very noses at dinner, with mixed reaction of stunned quiet amazement — how did he do That, to shreeks of glee and the unexpected joy of disbelief. Professional deception at its very best — a real must have at a dinner party”
“Anyone looking for a close up magician look no further than David Willmott. Two months on from our wedding in Feb 07 and our guests still talk of him and his trickery. We had a fantastic day and thanks to David entertaining our guests was easy, in fact our guests become quite competitive when vowing for David’s attention, this didn’t seem to faze him and he always had a new trick up his sleeve!!!!! We really couldn’t recommend him enough he really is worth every penny.”
“Having spoken to everyone who attended I am assured that they all thoroughly enjoyed your performance. Your programme of magic tricks was highly entertaining and the way in which you engaged personally with either small groups or individually was just what was needed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wishing to hire your services and thank you once again for your contribution in making the afternoon so enjoyable”
“Thank you for attending on Saturday night. It was a pleasure to meet you and you will be pleased to hear that I have had many conversations about you since so thought you would appreciate your feedback.
I think it’s fair to say that you exceeded everyone’s expectations! I thought the standard of magic you performed was very high (many people have said that you are the best they have ever seen and I would agree with that) and you also worked the crowd very well such that everyone experienced plenty of your work. You seemed to be able to find small groups in the room every few minutes and I am grateful for you staying so long. Even my mother in law said to me yesterday that finding you was an ‘inspired idea’ and ‘made the party’. Several of my guests have asked me for your details and I hope that more bookings come your way as a result.
I thought your programme was excellent. Just enough that everyone saw 4 or 5 very different pieces of magic but not so many that your ‘show’ required more than about 10 minutes with each group. It is also fair to say that the audience was completely spellbound by your performance and this morning my office is still asking how on earth you got the cards to change colour and how the kiwi trick works – absolutely brilliant.
Thanks again and I hope to find another occasion when we can experience your magic again”
“Made the hair on the back of my head stand up
How you can achieve such stunning magic so close up its amazing, Everybody was still taking about you weeks after.
Everyone at the party was really impressed with what you did and found it fascinating and most entertaining!”
“Made our dinner party a great success”
“David attended our wedding and performed during the reception. Our guests were mesmorised and were still talking about how wonderful he was weeks after. He moved amongst them with ease, popping up in the groups and wowing them with his captivating close-up magic.
We would recommend David as a vital asset to any wedding – a definite talking point, without taking too much focus away from the bride’s dress”
“Thanks again for entertaining at our wedding, I think everyone was really surprised as we kept it a secret, and it has been a big talking point since. You left both young and old in wonder with your tricks, in fact some people still cannot get their heads round what you can do with an elastic band!! We had over a hundred people at our evening reception, and yet you managed to fit everyone in to see at least one trick, if not more. I would recommend your performance to anyone thinking of hiring you for a wedding, as it really helped make our day special.”
“Your mingling between different groups of people was never intrusive and always subtle and you helped to keep everyone entertained as photos and formalities were being undertaken. So thank you once again for bringing an added dimension of entertainment to our very special wedding day.”
“We thought your performance brilliant — it lifted my husband’s birthday party last Saturday to new heights ( not to mention the gravity defying playing cards with people’s initials on which landed on our ceiling!) I asked my daughter who had recommended you how she thought you did it and she said ‘It’s simple… it really IS magic!’ We thought so too. I would highly recommend you for any event with people who want to be entertained in an unusual and fascinating way ( and am sure you’ll hear from some of our guests in the future). You blended in very well, made sure you gave everyone a chance to see some magic and were generally a great success.”
“Thanks for Saturday — you went down a storm. I’m more than happy to provide a testimonial and trust the following will suffice. 

It is somewhat of a slight risk when booking an entertainer , especially a magician to entertain the guests at a party. I had booked David “cold” having never seen him or read any testimonials. So on the day of my 50th party I was understandably a little apprehensive that he would be able to hold the attention of a large group of people for several hours. Boy should I have not been concerned. My guests were transfixed by his excellent tricks and the manner in which they were delivered, and for the rest of the party I was bombarded with questions like “He was brilliant where did you find him?” and “How does he do it?” Since my party many of my guests have written or spoken to me and it is obvious that because David’s tricks were so good (my favourite being the one with the elastic bands), it was one of their highlights of the day. What I particularly appreciated on the day was his desire to ensure that he performed for everyone who was there so he was always noting newcomers to the party and didn’t need any encouragement to seek them out. I was so pleased that I had booked David. He is an excellent entertainer and contributed to the success of the day. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who needs to have guests entertained/bamboozled for several hours.”
“Head-scratching moment of the night came courtesy of two fantastic magicians (and I rarely respond to magicians with anything more positive than a slap) one of whom pulled off a great trick involving a fiver, a kiwi fruit and Travel Weekly managing director Trevor Harding.”
“Evening was definitely enhanced by your performance; you really were “magic”!
Everyone was really impressed and generally couldn’t believe their eyes. There was lots of discussion about how to fathom the tricks, some were simply unreal !
One of the things that really impressed me personally was how simple the booking process was. You answered my calls, emailed confirmation, turned up on time and stayed until everyone had seen sufficient. You were really reliable, professional and a pleasure to have at our event.”
“Everyone at my daughter’s wedding was delighted with the magic! How on earth do you make things appear and disappear when we are standing right beside you? I will never forget the look on my sister’s face after you retrieved a folded playing card from under her watch. We could tell where you were by the laughter and gasps of amazement. Thanks for mingling with the groups of people so professionally and giving our guests such enjoyment. We had feared rain and were worried that we would have a lot of bored people standing around until dinner was served. In the event the rain held off, but it was great to have you there keeping groups amused as we all sipped Pimms and generally enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for your professional approach and enjoyable entertainment. I’d certainly recommend you to anyone organising a wedding or similar event. You and your magic added an extra bit of fizz to one of the best days in our lives.”
“Our customers and staff thoroughly enjoyed your presence. Your sense of humor and timing were a real asset to our dinner crowd customers.”
“David’s incredible magic tricks and super personality has been a tremendous asset to the growth of our Sunday lunch”
“Our staff thoroughly enjoyed your performance of close-up magic during our summer boat trip. People are still marvelling at your skill and trying to work out how you did the tricks. It was a lovely day with just the right balance of mingling to entertain people but keeping it casual and relaxed. Thank you for making our summer event such a success”
“Weddings are often such busy scheduled events with planning and everything costing so much. I wanted to add something special to the evening reception that was unabtrusive, wouldn’t break the bank, yet be fun and crowd warming. David Willmott was the solution, with an excellent array of close up magic he wowed my friends and family, not only that, he would work his way around the room, but without taking the spot light of me and my bride. Very professional!”
“I never thought when I booked you for our wedding you would have been such an important feature of our special day, you were simply AMAZING and I would recommend you to all for any function. Your polite and friendly demeanor meant that you moved from table to table and from group to group without any of the guests even suspecting a thing until you began your act.”
“What a great magician. David entertained my guests at my birthday party so much that they were talking about his tricks the whole weekend. It was quite amazing and extremely entertaining. I would recommend David Willmott to anyone who was having a wedding or party as he is great value for money and someone who guests will remember for a long time.
Thanks David for a great evening I am still trying to work out how my ring ended up in your back pocket attached to your key ring. I guess I will die trying to work it out but a great evening”
“I just wanted to thank you for coming to Plymouth for Paul’s BBQ and for providing such fantastic entertainment. The format was ideal and everyone was very impressed with your magic – I have been asked for your details by quite a few people there.
Many of them were from our workplace and quite some time has been spent this week on discussing the many tricks you did and pondering how they could have been done.
We do hold business functions from time to time so it is highly likely that we will be contacting you again to perform at such an event.
Once again thank you for coming so far and providing such great entertainment.”
“You were great and the feedback has been very positive. In particular, the elastic band trick and the finding of the card with a name written on it. Indeed, my auntie said that that the idea of a magician was “inspired” and was very impressed. She has since been trying to show her friends the cork trick.
We have no hesitation in recommending David. He unobtrusively mingled with guests at our wedding and they are still talking about him now. Superb.”
“David interacted with the guests brilliantly and had everyone amazed at the magic he was performing. He bought together groups of people and had them hanging on every next trick that he was about to perform. An excellent entertainer whom I would recommend to anyone.”
“Thank you for your outstanding performance. There were many memorable events during the day and one was certainly you. Everyone, old and young, was astounded by your magic and they all commented on how fantastic it was to have you on board as part of the celebrations. You certainly had everyone buzzing and I still get comments on what great entertainment you were.
If anyone else was thinking of hiring you for an event I would tell them to stop thinking about it, just do it, you will not regret it!”
“David Willmott was a real find! He entertained us for 4 hours at my 40th birthday party (50 of us in all) last Saturday and everyone is still buzzing about how great he was. I would recommend him to anyone planning an event – not only is he fantastic fun to watch but he also performs the important function of helping your guests to mingle and talk to each other if they don’t already know each other.
The magic is very good fun and had people in stitches as well as total shock when the signed ten pound note appeared from inside the uncut kiwi fruit or the playing card under my foot changed from one suit to another! He even took the time and trouble to teach a couple of the ‘simpler’ tricks to some keen amateur magicians among my guests.
It’s always a risk when you book someone from a website and without having seen them in person but David surpassed all expectations and is such a lovely man as well. He performs with real warmth and humour, your guests will think you’re a genius host for booking him!”
“David, thank you so much for performing at our wedding on Saturday. We thought you were fantastic and everyone has commented on how great you were and what a great idea it is to have a magician at such an event. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family for future events; you had everyone enthralled from the adults down to the youngest children.”
“All our guests enjoyed the party and, everyone expressed their appreciation of what you were able to demonstrate. It will be a party that all will remember.
Myself and Jane would certainly recommend you, particularly the time spent with us and informatively …. you made people feel at ease and enjoyed their evening.
Your time was unconditional and your aim was to please and captivate the audience which you did so well …. that’s the feedback you gave us.
I did like the finishing touch of an envelop surprise for Jane, that was a finishing touch.”
“Thank you so much for entertaining us so fantastically last Saturday evening. Our guests are still talking about you and the Golf Club ceiling still has two playing cards stuck to it!!
We had not told anyone in the party that you were coming so they had a great surprise. The way you circulated among the guests at the reception and then between the tables at dinner, was just right and soon had all the guests talking to one another, even those who had not met previously. You were a great ice-breaker and certainly brought the ‘Wow!’ factor to the party.
To anyone considering hiring you for an event, I would say definitely go ahead. You won’t regret it for a second and you will not only be wonderfully entertained, but amazed and enthralled too. Our sincere thanks, again – we will never see a kiwi fruit again without thinking of you!”
“Thank you very much for such a fantastic performance, I know that it was my daughters wedding reception, but all I have heard from most of the 75 guests is how fantastic you were! I in turn of course am basking in your praise! because I booked you. A BIG THANKS, for such a wonderful ‘ice breaker’ during the reception which got strangers talking like old friends, I do hope to see you again in the near future, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone organising any sort of ‘do’”
“Amazing ..how on earth did he do that ? “ Kiwi fruit trick !!!!
Added an extra dimension to a great evening
Not intrusive.. just great fun.”
“I love him and hate him at the same time.”
“Just to say thank you for a most entertaining evening at Harewood Downs Golf Club. Everyone enjoyed your skills and the manner of your presentation.
I have had a number of members request your business card and I have mentioned your act to other golf clubs on my business to them.
May you continue to build on your success.”
“Your performance was incredible, the way you moved between the guests at the reception in the bar and then visited each table in turn during dinner meant that everyone was able to enjoy your incredible magic. My wife called your performance “spooky” she was spell bound! As the organizer for the evening it was great comfort to me to hear the rounds of applause coming from the tables after your performance and made my evening.
All the best for the New Year and please don’t hesitate to use my name as reference for future clients as I can assure them that to have you as part of the evening will make it a memorable one!”
“Thank you for adding that magical touch to our party and especially for taking the time to entertain our children!”
“We had lots of positive reactions to your magic both at the party and afterwards. Our friends were very impressed by the standard of your magic, I’ve had lots of conversations with people along the lines of “How did he do it?” We were amazed and mystified and consequently very entertained. Your magic provided a fun and novel twist to the party and we all enjoyed it very much!”
“Having been a magic sceptic for many years your performance was so powerful that I am converted!
The feedback from everyone at the event was overwhelming. Bear in mind this night was the finale to a five week course on leadership and how we interact and engage as humans socially and professionally. Well everybody had something to say about your professionalism, humour and pure skill and this is testimony to your performance and your interaction. You surpassed my expectations entirely and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody looking to add something special to any night.
I want to ask how you do the Kiwi trick, but am happy to be mystified!”
“Your magic was thoroughly enjoyed by all – young and old alike. Not one of us can fathom one trick……………….we came to the conclusion that you really do use Magic!
The way you so pleasantly and politely amazed everyone was just great, and much appreciated.
(The cards will remain on the ceiling as a tribute!)”
“We were really impressed with David for our company celebration. He engaged our clients with his fascinating magic and his professional approach was non intrusive and perfect for our evening. Everyone was talking about him after the event! And of course, the magic was amazing!”
“I am delighted the way the evening went and would like to thank you for the amazing contribution you made to our very special evening. This was undoubtedly one of the finest social occasions our Town has ever hosted.
Our guest were spell bound by your amazing performance, many had never seen such brilliant close up magic performed before.
You were the talking point of many of our guests and made a terrific impression on them.
I am sure we will be booking you again in the future.
All the very best and thanks again.”
“Just wanted to thank you for helping to make ‘The Ball in The Hall’ in Sturminster Newton a truly fabulous and unforgettable evening! I have always been quite sceptical of magic – having only seen acts on television, and whilst undeniably clever, I never really believed that the magician was ‘doing his thing’ without help of editing and clever lighting. But your magic was absolutely the most amazing, exciting and thrilling thing I have ever seen and I thank you so much for sharing it with us!! (Kiwi’s will never be the same again!). You are utterly fab and I wish you all the luck and success in the world and sincerely hope I see you again.”
“Your involvement at the party created a great atmosphere and everyone was talking about the tricks you showed us all.”
“David Willmott was excellent – all the guests thought he was fantastic
and are still talking about it. Score: 11/10”
“My friends thought you were truly fantastic and great entertainment. Anna was bemused and keeps saying ‘but he was tricking me’ which was of the whole point. Amazing is another word which crops up in all conversations post party, as does fabulous. You really did a wonderful job of entertaining my guests and I am thinking of organising another event so I can book you again.
I haven’t yet got my camera back but will email you with some photos when I get it.”
“You went down a storm!! and hopefully you will have more business from the event as several people have asked for your details”
“Just a quick note to thank you for entertaining our guests at the charity ball in Kings Lynn on Saturday. Everyone has commented on your skills and is mystified at some of the ‘tricks’ you performed. We are all left wondering about the kiwi fruit ‘magic’.
I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for some close-up magic for any function as, not only was the ‘performance’ entrancing but you were so easy to get along with too and made everyone feel at ease.”
“Everyone really enjoyed the session. In particular the ‘Kiwi fruit’ trick was brilliant and got everyone talking. I was pleased with how it brought my team together and they talked about your performance for the rest of the day! We will certainly keep your name for future events…”
“I just wanted to thank you for sending David the ‘close up magician’ to IKEA Bristol on Saturday.
David was extremely personable and kept long queues of customers entertained for hours. He was very professional and his magic tricks amazed our customers and co-workers.
David helped to make our 21st Birthday celebrations a fun day for all and we were very happy with the service provided.”
“I was unsure of how the students would take to a magician but you had them eating out of your hand, the tricks I saw were mind blowing and the students were quick to recount details of the tricks they’d seen. The most impressed person on the evening was the head teacher. She was singing your praises in the staff room on the Friday morning. I would highly recommend you for any school Prom. You bring an excellent alternative bit of entertainment and I will probably be booking you for next years event.”
“Thank you very much indeed for getting our evening off to such a good start.
Everyone I have spoken to, were very impressed indeed and all mentioned, in particular, the piece of magic with the Kiwi Fruit. That has made a lasting impression!
The other question that kept cropping up was, where did I find you?
My answer was “That was a real piece of magic”.
With renewed thanks for your contribution in making our evening go so well!
We are most appreciative.”
“I can definitely say you were one of the talking points!
Michelle had seen you before and recommended you, and to be honest I was a bit apprehensive as the cost was quite a lot for our budget but I can safely say I am glad we booked you and it was well worth the money.
Everyone was very impressed and blown away by your performance and they have been raving about it ever since. Some tricks were just mind baffling (although I know there is an explanation but I don’t know what it is!) and I can safely say that I was very impressed, as was John and everyone else and I would have no hesitation about booking you for another event or recommending you. Everyone liked all the tricks but the kiwi was one of my faves – turning the note into an Iraqi note is still beyond me! – and the unshuffled/shuffled cards was one of Johns faves – but like I say they were all fantastic.
I was also very grateful to you for the extra time you spend staying on for our evening guests and I think the way you worked mingling between and about the reception worked so well – even though at some point I think you had people following you as they were so astounded!
So to sum up absolutely fantastic, very very pleased and grateful to you.
John now wants to learn how to do the tricks now and will no doubt be scouring the internet on where to start.”
“Thanks so much for entertaining us so well last Sunday. You did just what we wanted which was to move about creating little spectacles of entertainment for moments of astonishment and hilarity. I’m just sorry that I had to constantly be keeping an eye out for guests arriving/food being ready and served and talking to people that I couldn’t devote very much time to actually watching you. Lots of people afterwards asked me “Where did you get that magician?” and the feedback has all been positive. You even impressed my sons who are generally scepticism itself with anything like this. By the way – we did manage to get the card down off the ceiling the next day with an extremely long pole …. Many thanks again David – best of luck with your continuing career!”
“What a wonderful wedding – I think we had THE weekend’s best weather of the year! A perfect occasion.
Thank you for your contribution during drinks on the terrace. Audience reaction was very good and despite watching you very closely, no one could detect how you did those tricks! The one where the chosen card ended up on the ceiling was particularly beguiling!
Rob (the bridegroom) had asked me if we could have a magician, and I was pleased to have you recommended by Eastwood Park. If I were suggesting hiring you to someone I’d say that you brought a sense of fun and mystery to the drinks interlude, and a great icebreaker to the little groups of guests you entertained in turn.”
“David arrived promptly as agreed for the event and introduced himself. He stuck to the ‘brief’ we had given him and mixed and mingled beautifully with our guests at our engagement party.
His tricks are amazing and we still don’t know how he did the kiwi fruit trick or flying cards illusion.
Relaxed and smart he impressed everyone and we are amazed how he ensured that he didn’t miss anyone.
I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him to attend a function and would thoroughly recommend him to all.”
“My friends thought David was amazing and he somewhat freaked out a couple of my friends as it was so unbelievable clever! No matter how hard we tried to see what he was doing you couldn’t! My children have been talking about it non stop and have never seen anything like it. The card tricks were out of this world especially when a card appeared under my watch having absolutely no idea how it got there!
I would really recommend David to any event as he was well worth the money and is very entertaining, he really made our summer party the event of the year that everyone is talking about!”
“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you did at our wedding celebrations! You were absolutely fantastic and I can honestly say that you were the key person responsible for getting everyone relaxed and laughing as soon as they got back to our reception and creating an amazing atmosphere right from the very beginning. The magic round the table at the start of dinner was just brilliant. Everyone loved it. In fact, the comments I have had since we have returned from honeymoon have most frequently been about how great you were and about what an amazing atmosphere there was.
If anyone is thinking of booking you for an event, I would say don’t think about it, just do it – you wont be sorry! If anyone needs a first hand recommendation I will be more than happy to drop them a line or talk to them.
We can’t thank you enough.”
“This is my first day back at work today having had an extended weekend celebrating my birthday. Who says you can’t have fun at 50!!!
Now reality kicks in and I very much wish that I was back at the Park Hotel being entertained with your special magic.
My jaw still hangs open when I try and re-visit some of the magic that you performed, – just how did you do that?
My friends and family were truly mesmerized by your performance and if you found yourself with ‘burning ears’ it would have been because everybody was talking about you! I can say with absolute honesty, that my birthday celebrations were made extra special by having you perform at my party. I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that I would recommend you to absolutely anyone. Your entertainment was pure ‘magic’. Thank you so very much. I really do hope that I get the opportunity to watch you again, you were such good fun, easy to listen to and my goodness, did you have us all spellbound!”
“I would like also to thank you for your amazing performance at our wedding. The guests were totally mesmerised by the tricks you performed and talking about them well into the evening. I am still trying to work out how you turned a deck of cards in my hand into Perspex I felt that it totally lifted the energy at the wedding breakfast and gave people something to talk about so broke the ice. The children were also trying to mimic your tricks later on, which was very amusing.
I would certainly recommend you to anyone that asked, not just for weddings but for any occasion where you want just that bit more because I believe that everyone can take something from it and enjoy it. Several people have asked me where I found you so I will certainly be passing your details on!
Again, thanks so much for adding to our very perfect day!!”
“Thank you so much for joining us at our wedding, everyone thought you were absolutely amazing, many of our guests have NEVER seen a close up magician before & were very very impressed with your performance. They didn’t want you to finish and my nephew Sam was so overwhelmed he didn’t stop talking about how brilliant you were.
Clive and I loved the way you moved around our guests both before & during the meal. We could hear the laughter, “wows” and see our families & friends clapping & enjoying themselves which meant that we were able to relax knowing that you were entertaining them.
Even now, nearly 3 weeks later, they are still talking about it, which is great.
We all had a fantastic day & so pleased that you were part of it. We would suggest to anyone having a wedding or party no matter how big or small to invite you along to make sure the event is a real success. You are truly a very professional performer.
Thank you David from the bottom of our hearts.”
“Thank you for being so thoroughly entertaining at our party on Friday evening. I think pretty much everyone managed to see you perform, and the comments we have received ranged from “Brilliant” to “Scary” to “I want to marry that man!” You are a talented magician with a professional approach and a nice chap to boot – we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to someone looking for a close-up magician.”
“David was a huge hit at the party. His magic thrilled the guests and his presence brought a real buzz to the event. Both before the event and afterwards David was highly professional and thoroughly reliable – I would certainly recommend David and his magic to others.”
“Thank you for providing such good entertainment and apologies for the late start. We are holding the best man entirely responsible.
We had some excellent feedback to your magic performance as you more than baffled everyone. Everyone was still talking about it the following day. My mum thought you were brilliant and she still cant work out how you got her ring onto your keyring?
Our gang of friends liked the twisted arm trick and its not very often we see any of them lost for words that’s for sure.
I would definitely recommend you again as it is a brilliant way to bring everyone together and get everyone talking,”
“Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests! Everyone was extremely impressed!
You are still the subject of many of conversations between our friends and family. Having you there was one of the highlights of the day and has given us yet another happy memory from our wedding.
Personally, as the bride I was very grateful that you showed me a trick before I entered the reception room. Everyone was saying how great you were but I’d resigned myself to missing it. So thank you for grabbing me before you left, I truly have no idea how you do it!
Thank you again you really gave an added extra to the day”
“Phil and I really enjoyed our wedding day. Thank you for helping to make it so special. Your performance was absolutely amazing. Our guests just could not get over some of the things you did. Phil’s dad even started to follow you around at one point because he was so impressed. Many of our guests are still talking about some of your ticks now. I think that hiring you was well worth every penny as you gave everyone something to talk about whilst photographs were being taken. You are professional and very entertaining. I hope to see you again some day.”
“I am so delighted we booked you for our wedding. I didn’t speak to a single guest who didn’t think you were superb. You effortlessly mingled in with the party and entertained people while we were away having photos done, which worked out perfectly.
When we cleared up the next day my 3 hearts which I’d written my name on was still there on the ceiling where it had found itself (still can’t work out how) – a reminder of an amazing day.
David – You are true professional and extremely talented, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Thank you for helping make our day so wonderful.”
“You were a big hit at the party on Sunday. Lots of friends said you were awsome, amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see you, maybe next time.
Some friends were unable to get babysitters and regretfully had to bring their children. They were some of your biggest fans. The kids loved you. Their mums and dads asked us to pay you more money and get you to stay!
Thanks again for making a good party great. I’ll look you up again the next time we are having a get together.”
“Thankyou so much for coming along and entertaining our guests at our 40th Party.
You certainly wowed them. You had everyone flabbergasted. All day yesterday we received phone calls and texts saying what a fabulous Party, and how amazing the Magician was! you were absolutely fantastic, my 13 year old son Luke hasnt stopped talking about you.
You really made our night very special, and would highly recommend you to anyone considering hiring you.”
“We just got back from honeymoon. The feedback we have received from our guests about your performance was phenomenal. Everyone was very impressed with your performance. We have passed your details on to a couple of friends who are getting married next year. If we had seen your performance before we would have been willing to pay more, your charges are very reasonable which is hard to find in your industry, believe me we researched for months! We thank you very much for making our day even more wonderful, you were certainly (and still are) the main talking point. We hope to see you in the near future at our friends’ weddings.”
“Thank you so much for performing at our wedding. Our guests had a lovely time, with one of them saying that you did some wickedly fascinating magic. Something about money turning into a kiwi fruit.? Anyway, they all had a good laugh, and we’re glad you were there to wow us with your magic!”
“Thank you so much for entertaining us at my 21st party. Your performance was genuinely mesmerising and added an extra dimension to the evening. . Everyone was talking about how impressive your tricks were. I would urge anyone having any event to hire David. He really helped to create a buzzing vibe at the party. Thank you so much for an unforgettable evening!”
“You were the highlight of the evening! I had so many people absolutely gob smacked by your magic, I am just sorry I was too busy running around to actually experience it. I will certainly be recommending you and will be in touch as soon as I have another suitable event in the not too distant future.
I actually passed your card on to one of the guests who was very impressed!
Hope to be in touch soon and thank you for adding to the success of the night”
“We have only just returned from honeymoon, I want to say a big thank you, everyone has not stopped talking about you, I couldn’t believe some of the tricks you were doing, everyone was so amazed, all my friends are still raving about you, my mum ‘still doesn’t get it’ hehe, anyways if you give me a couple of weeks I will get my friends and family to write a comment page and i will scan it through and send it to you, thank you once again for making our day even more exciting and special.”
“John and I would like you to know how much we valued your input to our Wedding Day on Friday 29th August 2008.
Our guests were truly delighted and amazed at the magic right before their eyes. A number of people asked how we knew about you as they thought you gave an exceptional performance.
You were so discrete and considerate to the proceedings, it was a joy to know that you were around and helping to make such a wonderful day for us.
I do hope that we may meet again some day. In the meantime all the best for the future.”
“David, thank you so much for entertaining our guests so royally. Everyone, without exception, commented on your skill and dexterity and were totally in awe of your performance. I would heartily recommend you to anyone who wants their guests baffled, agog and gasping in disbelief!
Thanks again – as they say in Brizzle, you were mazen! The boss of Universal Pictures was showing everyone his bent coin!”
“Thank you so much for being our magician, Your magic tricks were amazing and helped to create a really exciting atmosphere for our reception . We and are guests really enjoyed your magic and it made our wedding different from others
Thanks a lot again and we will definitely recommend you to our friends Good luck in your business best wishes.”
“Thank you very much for attending our Christmas Ball. Everyone was extremely pleased and impressed by your performance and many guests commented both on the night and afterwards at how excellent the magician was. Thank you for making an effort to perform to all of our guests (not just the ones that followed you around!) I would thoroughly recommend you to any other event/party organisers as you provided top-quality entertainment.”
“Everyone we’ve spoke to said you were amazing and where did I find you, they all assumed I’d seen you somewhere before, I must admit I was a bit anxious beforehand and not knowing what to expect just booking you from the internet, but all my worries were soon forgotten about when I heard our guests laughing.
I certainly will be recommending you to anyone who needs a magician.”
“Alexander and Grace thought you were great and we have had some great thank you letters from many of the party goers about how impressed they were.
I have therefore written the following.
David Willmott came to my son’s 18th Birthday party to provide some fun before and during dinner. He was fantastic. He launched himself into groups of people and around tables with confidence, amusing stories, an engaging but humble approach and a large range of remarkable tricks. No guidance was needed. The response from the teenagers was “WOW” with a constant need for more…..so much so that there were times David was being followed for is next trick. £10 notes out of Kiwi fruits, disappearing jewelry, very elastic bands and many more kept 135 sceptics amused for nearly 3 hours. With very few exceptions, the thank you letters from those that were there all mentioned how impressed they had been by the variety and high quality of David’s tricks.”
“Three times I was his ‘victim’ and not once did see or notice how he performed the tricks. On one occassion he even stuck a card behind my watch strap and I never felt a thing or noticed it until he asked me to look. It was a thoroughly baffling and enjoyable performance with all his tricks.”
“Excellent, as well as being frankly mystifying! To be able to do what he did under such close scrutiny (and I wasn’t drinking either!) more than proved his competence.”
“I thought David provided a novel twist to our Christmas lunch, he was very talented and was entertaining for people of all ages, everyone I spoke to was amazed by his performances and the variety of tricks.
The magic tricks he performed were extraordinary (no matter how hard I watched his hands I could not see how he managed the amazing tricks).”
“I think it’s fair to say that you won’t be forgotten in a hurry! It’s amazing how differently people react to the concept and presentation of ‘magic’
when it’s are performed directly in from of you. I think we all generally feel that if we could actually get ‘close and personal’ then everything would be revealed. I think we all found it to be the opposite. No strings, no smoke and mirrors…just amazing. It was a bit like entering the Twilight Zone! Many of us were still talking about your exploits the following week!
It was great to have you at our party and I, and everybody at the Fourfront Group, would not hesitate to recommend you.”
“Thank you for entertaining us all at the weekend. You were fantastic. I’ve spoken to a friend who knows the rubber band trick but even he couldn’t see how you did it and everyone is talking about the Kiwi fruit trick.
Thank you again and I hope to be able to watch even more closely in the future.”
“Just wanted to send you a mail to say a massive thank you for performing at Josh’s 18th birthday on Sat. He was so surprised to meet you and it really made his and all the guests evening. I’d also like to thank you for being the true professional and travelling in such awful weather. You had a very diverse age group of people to perform to – ’5 to 75’ and Wow, you were brilliant. As your web site portrayed ‘you do what it says on the tin’, and with a very professional, relaxed style. Just perfect for the type of entertainment we wanted.
You really put the icing on the cake for the evening, and I can’t tell you how may people were amazed by you and even today (Wednesday) we are still getting comments from people saying how fantastic you were. The kiwi trick has left people amazed and bewildered. So I think I can safely say you were a great success and worth every penny. I have had people ask me for your details so don’t be surprised if you find yourself this way again soon.”
“You absolutely blew everyone away. I was getting people come up to me and saying you were freaking them out so I tried to track you down and then oh my god, you were amazing money well spent thank you so much, I would love to hire you to come to my home just to see you do it all again. People keep saying that they wonder how the castle are going to get all the cards off the ceiling? one of the tricks I unfortunately missed.”
“Thanks for helping to make Sandy’s Birthday a wonderful success.
Your fantastic tricks and relaxed manner really helped to break the ice for my guests.
I am not sure who was more excited about your magic, the ladies, who we heard shrieking and laughing at your early tricks, or “us men” who initially thought we would be able to “suss out” how you did it but after seeing you performed were shrieking and laughing louder than the ladies.
A fantastic display of close up magic that kept my guests talking for hours / days after, trying to work out how you did it.
I would and have, highly recommended you to all my friends and we just need to organise another event where we can invite you to entertain us again.”
“Your magic was so impressive and captivated the audience. The intimacy of close magic gives it that extra wow factor. One of my guests as you know was so impressed that she booked you for her wedding party and another friend said “ if he is as good with his hands as that what is he like in bed!”
“Just a few lines to say a huge thank you for entertaining at my daughters wedding. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was so amazed with your performance and could not stop talking about you. Even my husband, who is not the easiest person to impress was impressed. To anybody who is only thinking about hiring you for any event should definately do it, I cannot even begin to explain what a difference it made. Once again, thank you so much. I shall be in touch in the future, as I still have another 2 daughters & 2 sons to get married yet!”
“All the guests were well impressed and has done nothing but gone on about how amazing the table magician was! I can’t thank you enough, it made such a difference to the day! I would be more than happy to write. My son works at the New Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield and they host lots of weddings and he has asked me for your details, as his girlfriend is the wedding planner and would like to recommend you, if that’s okay with you let me know and I will pass on your details.”
“It was a very good night people are still remarking about your magical performance staff and students in particular were truly impressed
thanks for making it a memorable occasion.”
“Many thanks for all your efforts yesterday in entertaining our guests.
Even those who saw you last year were still mesmerised by your skill.
We know it’s a trick but how does he do it, was a familiar comment!
I am much obliged to you.”
“Joel and I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic between-meal performances at our wedding meal on June 13th – you really made the evening for us, all of our guests and the staff at the Bank House too I think! Lots of our guests are still talking about how entertaining you were, and I don’t think that Susie’s card has been retrieved from the ceiling yet either! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone…”
“Everyone really enjoyed the entertainment you provided. if we book a magician again you will be our first port of call.”
“I wanted to email you to say what a great atmosphere you created at our dinner. Everyone was amazed at your performance. Personally I found the £10 in the kiwi fruit astonishing! The students and staff were really impressed and you were very unobtrusive and subtle in the way you went round the tables.
I would certainly recommend you and if I were getting married again you would be a must for the reception.
Thanks again. Hope to see you perform again in the future.”
“Thanks to Dave for helping to make Dan’s Bar mitzvah the most incredible evening – your magic was MAGIC, thank you.”
“We booked David for our daughter’s wedding to entertain the guests while the happy couple had photographs taken. David was very professional in the way he brought small groups of guests together but was never intrusive. He worked his magic on everyone, leaving the guests talking about him into the small hours. How did that £20 note get inside of the kiwi fruit?
David is an excellent entertainer and contributed to the success of a very special day. We would have no hesitation in recommending him for any occasion, he was professional, reliable and his close up magic was amazing – magical in fact!
Thank you David and we look forward to the next occasion when we can be wowed again by your magic.”
“We were delighted with your magic on the day and the way you blended in without being obtrusive.
Everyone kept talking about your magic for the rest of the evening.
Thank you for your contribution to our very special day.”
“It was a great pleasure to have you at the event. My family and I really enjoyed your performance. It definitely helped move the evening along and fitted in well with everything else that was going on.”
“Thank you very much for attending our Ruby Wedding party on Saturday you gave the party a wow factor, young and old still trying to work out how you did it. Will definitely be calling on you again.”
“David – just a line to say thank you for your efforts at our garden party. Lots of people have said how entertaining you were, much appreciated.”
“I’m very pleased to tell you that the feedback we received from the wedding guests has all been extremely positive. People were amazed at what you were doing, and you were one of the hot topics at breakfast the following morning. We also felt that the timing of your performance was ideal, bringing guests together at an appropriate time in the day’s proceedings. most importantly, the bride and groom enjoyed the brief session you managed to fit in with them.
We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to someone else who was thinking of having a magician perform at an event; we would even suggest it to someone who, perhaps, hadn’t even considered having a magician. We are now hoping our other son doesn’t wait too long to find the right girl, so we can see you again!”
“We are really glad that we booked you to entertain at our wedding. All of us on the top table (including my 8 and 10 year old nephews) enjoyed your performance, and it was lovely to look up and see people’s reactions to your tricks as you worked your way around the tables. After you left, most of our guests made a point of saying how much they enjoyed watching you both before and during the meal. We were hoping that having you perform at our wedding would help keep people entertained during the quiet moments and that’s exactly what you did. I really can’t think of anything you need to improve and I would happily recommend you to anyone else who is considering booking a magician for their event.”
“Christian and I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the performance you gave during our wedding reception, you made the night truely magical ! Our guests have raved about you non stop, each person we have spoken to since mentions the tricks you did and the disbelief about the magic you performed in front of them! We really, really enjoyed what we saw and would highly recommend you to anyone.”
“Well, what can I say? You were absolutely FANTASTIC Everybody loved your tricks, they were talked about for weeks after the wedding! The tricks were amazing, like nothing I have seen before! So happy we had you at our wedding reception, it broke up the wait while the photos were being taken and really entertained the guests. You made our day!!
Thank you so much…will definitely use you again for a party etc.”
“David Willmott is great. His close-up magic was a perfect way to warm up the crowd at our wedding party. Card tricks, tricks with fruit and vegetables and sleight of hand all made for a great show. At the same time his professional and non intrusive manner really blended in well with the crowd. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending David Willmott as a great addition to your party”
“We thought you did a sterling job at our wedding and our guests definitely enjoyed it too! It was great seeing (and hearing!) the reactions of our guests many of whom spoke to us later about how good you were ( or how stunned they were!). We will never look at kiwi fruits in the same way again!”
“I can honestly say you were a real highlight, the magic was amazing and a real ice breaker! Everyone we have since spoken to still talk’s about it and try to work out your tricks.
I will be recommending you to everyone looking for great party entertainment.
Thanks for making our day even more “Magical””
“Thank you very much for your performance at Joshua’s 18th Birthday party on the 4th September 2009, at Nailcote Hall and Country Club.
The reaction from all the guests was fantastic, people are still talking about your magic now (November 2009).
We have had guests ask for your telephone number, that we have been happy to pass on.
We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody.
Myself, Lisa, Joshua and the boys would like to say a big thank you for adding something special to our night.”
“David spent the evening with us at one of our staff parties entertaining around 150 employees (and I mean entertaining!). He added a completely different dimension to the evening and left everyone amazed with his magic and desperate for more. I would thoroughly recommend him, he really made the evening a great one.”
“I just wanted to say thanks so much for making the evening even more special, everyone thought the magic was amazing and was so impressed that they wanted to know how I came to find you, so they can make a mental log if they ever required entertainment in future. Everyone was discussing the tricks Andy especially loved the Kiwi and the box trick.
I have even forwarded your details to my friend Holly upon her request for her wedding next year as she was absolutely ecstatic about it, and even for a few milestone birthdays that are coming up.”
“You were the highlight of our evening function, everyone still talks about the tricks even now a month later! You started off going from table to table and by the end of the night you had a crowd gathered around you because everyone was so fascinated by you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who was obviously not there on the night, and we know of some people who were there that are thinking of booking you for an evening in the near future.
Thanks again for making our evening function extra special.”
“I know that everyone had a good time and the word has gone around the other lodges because your act was probably the first of its kind at a Park Street function.
Our Director of Ceremonies has been given your card as he is President of his bowling club next year and is seriously considering you for their major social event in the summer.
The fact that your act is enjoyed by all ages makes it a great proposition for any social occasion and I would not hesitate in contacting you when I am next organising a function – I might even get permission for you to throw & stick cards to the ceiling.”
“Thanks for arriving in plenty of time to start mingling with our wedding guests at just the right time helping the day blend into the evening perfectly. There was a real buzz around the room as you started performing and our guests were all amazed, without exception, at your fantastic tricks.
On meeting up with friends and family after our honeymoon, everyone commented on how great you were – as well as some confessing they spent most of the evening following you around to see more!
Thanks for making our day extra special – you really were a big hit with everyone!”
“ou were fab! Really excellent, you amused and astonished us all and really did help to make Clive’s day. As cynical and sceptical as my 50-year-old husband is, you had him, and all the rest of us, mesmerised. Several of our friends have contacted me to say that they were really impressed with your magic. Very professional.”
“Your performance was definitely fun and enjoyable. Your trick with the kiwi fruit went down very well and everyone has been talking about it.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else who was thinking of hiring a magician for an event.
Thanks once again for helping to make our Christmas lunch so enjoyable for all the staff.”
“Myself, the company and everyone else say thank you very much. I’ve spoken to quite a few people today, in fact on the night people were coming to me and asking where I found you, they all think, as do I, that you were brilliant”
“I would just like to say “Thank You” for a brilliant night I thought I was quite with it with “wicked, awesome” but some of the words people described you was absolutely brilliant you really helped making our wedding perfect so many people were in awe including me.
You were amazing and not at all pushy everyone was just glad of your time and amazement thank you for a brilliant night.”
“David was fantastic at our wedding – his tricks were ones that I had never seen before and people still talk about it weeks after the wedding. He entertained young and old alike, taking extra care of the children who needed entertaining as the speeches were finished off. We would thoroughly recommend him, he made a real difference to the wedding and is someone who clearly loves his job! Get him booked.”
“David was absolutely brilliant. I as Ladies Captain, had arranged for him to attend our Ladies’ Lunch at Bristol & Clifton Golf Club. It was important that they didn’t ‘get’ it immediately. It was wonderful. He approached ladies very quietly and discreetly showing them a very quiet little trick or two. But word soon went out – there’s a magician about! Once we sat down to lunch he continued to move around the different tables still fascinating all of us (me included) with his sleight of hand.
After over 2 hours of a wonderful performance of magic he made his exit – to what I can only describe as the most enthusiastic applause I’ve heard from the B&C Ladies in a long time! Mind you – I suspect an appearance from George Clooney may top it!
You have have got it. I thought David was brilliant and if you are thinking of booking him then think no more.”
“The magician was absolutely amazing! The tricks got better and better throughout the evening keeping us on our toes all night! You did a fantastic job to entertain a crowd of over 200 people as well as leaving a great impression with everyone…if anyone is considering spicing their event up I would is definitely recommend David! Thanks a lot for all the efforts David, no doubt I shall be in touch soon for our next corporate event!”
“I could some up David’s performance in two words – absolutely incredible!
He continuously wowed the tables at our ball and people were talking about it for the rest of the night and well into the next week.
The tricks he came out with were outstanding and I would never hesitate to book him again for another event.”
“Feedback all 100% positive! You arrived at the perfect time – whilst people were mingling in the reception room and waiting for the evening event to begin. You ‘blended in’ well which we were hoping you would as it we didn’t really want your performance to be a show.
You were a hit with all age groups, particularly the ages that can sometimes find weddings a bit slow – Young Mollie was especially impressed! As I think I mentioned in my last email, people are still talking about how on earth you performed the magic! My Mum only today mentioned your ring trick- it was all perfect!
Thank you again for helping to make a fabulous and memorable day”
“Well I can certainly say you were a hit at our party. Everyone enjoyed your act, even the sceptics could not believe their eyes and one particularly sceptical person just gave in and enjoyed it for what it was – a truely magical experience.
I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is thinking of organising a party and wants a ‘theme’ to draw it all together or to break the ice with guests.
Hope we will get a chance to see your act again in the future.”
“One of our guests summed up the decision to hire you for my Husband’s Birthday party as ‘INSPIRED’! We totally agree, you brought people together and made them laugh with enjoyment and amazement. What more could we have asked. Everyone was buzzing with ‘wow – how did he do that?’ and are still talking about the jumping card and the kiwi fruit! Your ability to entertain at close hand with such professionalism and charm brought that little bit extra to the party making it a truly enjoyable evening for all. The icing on the cake.
Dave had a wonderful time and thank you for going the extra mile and drive down to Plymouth on a lovely spring/summer evening to entertain our guests – we were soooooo lucky to find you! It was as they say magic…..!!!!”
“Rob and I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for entertaining our guests on our wedding day. Our guests thought you were brilliant and I was particularly chuffed that you performed a trick for me before you left as I didn’t get to see you whilst you were wondering around. My card is in pride of place at home with my first signature as Mrs Ford!”
“On behalf of the Master, Don Lunn and everyone in the Guild, I cannot thank you enough for stepping in at a moments notice and providing us with so much fun and laughter aboard the Elizabethan last week.
You provided truly wonderful entertainment for so many of us during the course of the evening, and I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us.
If I may, I will keep your card safely and if an appropriate opportunity arises to seek your talents once again, I hope you will not mind if I contact you. Equally I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me if you feel that there is anything that I may be able to do for you, whether now or at some future date.”
“I hired David for my wedding to provide the entertainment whilst our guests relaxed after the ceremony and wedding breakfast. He was punctual and went the extra mile by staying and performing for several hours beyond his initial booking. All of the wedding guests were absolutely amazed by his skill and sleight of hand.
It was truly superb and completely bamboozled all that saw him perform. It has been a huge talking point since the wedding amongst all who witnessed this. Even the sceptics were won over.
I would thoroughly recommend David to anyone who is thinking of hiring the services of a magician/performing trickster at a wedding or any celebration event. Any corporate organisation who are intending on holding an evening/lunchtime event should consider hiring him as all would be thoroughly entertained and amazed.”
“We all thought you were brilliant and we are very glad we chose you to perform!
Everyone was thoroughly amazed by you and all the people I spoke to recommended watching you! The tricks were unbelievable, I think everyone could see them again and still be just as baffled. You created a great atmosphere during the ball and you definitely made a huge contribution to everyone having a good time! My favourite trick was the card one I saw right at the end but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so I won’t say what happened!
I would recommend you to anyone looking for a brilliant magician and think you’d be good at any kind of event and any age group; the tricks were fool proof so I’m pretty sure no one would be able to tell how on earth they were done! We certainly couldn’t There were both teachers and students there on the night and they all thought you were brilliant. I will be telling next year’s committee we have to have you, not just recommending you.
Hope to see you again next year!”
“Just wanted to say thanks to you and the other Dave for helping us to have such a great night last Sunday. Everyone had a fab time and I have had lots of positive comments and feedback. Lots of people were amazed by the magic you performed!”
“We never really got a chance to thank you properly for stepping in at the last moment and driving all the way from Bristol for our conference.
The feedback we got from the delegates was excellent and how you did all your tricks was much talked about throughout the next day.”
“The guests were all thrilled with your performance last week. There was a lot of analysis regarding your techniques and how you managed to trick us. It was so impressive. You had us all totally baffled.
We would certainly recommend you for any party event on any scale. I think anyone would be entertained by your skills.
Thanks again for a great evening and we’ll hopefully see you in the future.”
“David was booked for our office party at the very last minute, and he proved to be a fantastic choice. Everyone was incredibly impressed, and no one has worked out how he did any of his tricks! The next day he was the talk of the office as everyone said how much they had enjoyed his performance. I would be delighted to recommend David to anyone wanting something that is pure magic. We would definitely book him again!”
“David, just a note to say thank you again for the brilliant entertainment you supplied for my husband David’s 40th birthday. I kept your arrival as a surprise and found the way you arrived and mingled in with the unsuspecting guests to be unobtrusive and adding to the atmosphere of your act. Our guests were in awe and are still discussing the ‘kiwi’ trick and the rest! It was truly amazing. The magic you did was of an ‘other worldly’ standard. I have never seen any of the tricks you performed before and they were all done in a very modern and sophisticated way. Best of all it brought our guests together (some who did not know one another) in amazement and created a ‘buzz’ to last the evening and beyond. Thank you once again and we would definitely recommend you to family friends and anyone looking for that something special.”
“I really should have put pen to paper but that could have taken a while to get to you as I am knee deep in the school holidays and both my husband and I wanted to say a huge thank you for providing such great entertainment on Saturday at our family lunch party. You were just brilliant and we could not have asked for more. Thank you SO much and we very much look forward to having a party like that again (probably less relatives next time!!) in order to see what other tricks you can bring out of the bag.”
“On returning from our honeymoon all we have heard from our friends and family is “where did you find him?” People really have not stopped talking about you after our wedding reception. You were a huge success amongst guests and of course our children loved you, we have a fantastic photograph of our 11 year olds face with this jaw nearly hitting the table in amazement. Our only regret is that we did not book you for longer and had you come and do an evening venue slot.
I would tell anyone having a special party to book you !
Many thanks for giving our day the WOW factor.”
“We wanted to pen a few words to thank you so much for your contribution to our wedding celebrations last weekend. We REALLY DID love your act. It was fantastic and you can rest assured that we will be recommending you to anyone and everyone who needs a magician for an event.
Our friends are still talking about the amazing performance you gave and the kids were simply speechless with fascination…not something that happens often, I promise! I will never be able to look at a kiwi in the same way again. Your presence added an extra gloss of fun to the day’s proceedings and your friendly approach was absolutely in tune with the feel of the day. We would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone.”
“I can’t say how pleased I am that I booked David to entertain everyone at my wedding – he was just fabulous. I booked him after just looking at his website and crossed fingers that he would be good. He exceeded anything I could have expected. He circulated the room during the champagne and canapés and I always knew where he was as I looked up and saw absolutely flabbergasted faces and disbelief at the tricks he had just done. During and after the wedding I have had a lot of my guests say how brilliant he was and it really became a talking point at the wedding.
If you are looking for that extra idea to entertain guests and get people chatting I can’t recommend David highly enough. If anyone wants to talk to me for a personal recommendation i am very happy to oblige – David has my email and phone number.”
“Thank you for doing such an excellent job at our wedding in Oxford on 9th July you absolutely enchanted our guests.
I heard that one of them kept following you around trying in vain to work out how your tricks worked, whilst two of my relatives said you were the best magician they’d ever seen.
Most of all you delighted and entertained everyone making sure everyone saw you, even those like us who were busy enough that we would have been easy to have overlooked.”
“Two weeks on and we are still hearing our family and friends talk about how brilliant the magician was. Hiring David for our wedding was perfect. He created an amazing atmosphere and the way he mingled with the guests and moved from table to table was superb and non-intrusive. Our guests were mesmerised (even the sceptics amongst them!) and were astounded. By the end of the evening, some were following David around as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing and wanted more! We would definitely recommend David for any event, he is very professional and provides fun entertainment. It will have your guests talking for months on end! Pure entertainment….truly magic!!”
“David was absolutely brilliant. I have not seen such good close up magic before. He took his time with all of my wedding guests and made sure he went around every table. He saved a special trick for me the bride which I thought was awesome. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of something a bit different like this. All of our wedding guests commented on how it made the day extra special.”
“David Willmott entertained the guests at my son’s wedding brilliantly – the reception started in a large garden and David walked around between the groups and performed faultlessly. He performed several sleight of hand “events” (“tricks” is too small a word for what he was doing!) – all outside and standing right by the guests, and so was not using the tables as props. The magic was performed faultlessly, not one guest worked out how it was done.
I would have no hesitation whatever in recommending David to anyone wanting a first-rate professional magician.”
“We have had many, many comments about the quality of your performance, and are only sorry that we did not get to see more of you. By all accounts, you managed to keep lots of our guests entertained, and we hope you didn’t mind not being the ‘main act’, as it were!
You accomplished exactly what we hoped, which was to provide some high-quality entertainment for our guests whilst we were being distracted by the many things claiming our attention and trying to speak to everyone! We will definitely keep you in mind for any future events we might plan!
Apologies, again, for being unable to give you more of our attention on the day, and thank you once more”
“I booked David for our wedding after seeing one of his performances at a work event – his work was outstanding on both occasions and it was a great addition to our wedding day. All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed David’s performance and the most logical-minded guests spent hours trying to analyse each trick to find a solution. On the day itself David was very professional, he did not impose on the atmosphere and fitted in perfectly with the other arrangements. His communication before the event was fantastic and I felt like I could just leave everything up to him. All in all a fantastic addition to our wedding day and I would thoroughly recommend David for any event.”
“Once again, a massive thank you for entertaining the guests at my son’s wedding at Mallory Court, as always you were brilliant, have got a few more children to get married yet so no doubt will be in touch again! once again, thank you so much.”
“Thank you so much for your wonderful performance on Thursday. You really baffled everyone with your expertise – I would of course love to know how you do it but realise that I probably never will!
I hope that you enjoyed it too and did not find us too unruly a bunch”
“We just wanted to thank you so much for coming to the wedding and entertaining everyone, all our guests are still talking about you and saying how wonderful you are, you have certainly gained an even bigger fan club. So once again a huge thank you for everything you did and making our day so special, Would love to how how you did the Kiwi trick.”
“This is just a quick note to say thank you so much for friday you are brilliant all the guests were totally amazed by you.
I think the guests will still be talking about you in 6 months time once again thank you very much”
“Just wanted to say thanks for entertaining our guests on our wedding day. They all really enjoyed it and they are still talking about it now. Everyone thought you were amazing and we have just been asked for your details as one of the guests is interested in booking you. I have passed on your contact details. Thanks again for helping to make it such a great day.”
“We just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work last night, you did a stunning job and everyone is still talking about your tricks today, you really entertained and amazed people.
Thank you so much, you did a brilliant job for us.”
“Jean and I would like to thank you for an excellent show last night,
It made Jeans birthday really special, everybody enjoyed themselves and all were impressed with your act, ( just can’t believe what we all saw or didn’t see) remind me never to play cards with you!!!!
We would have no hesitation in recommending you.”
“Thank you so much for making my mum’s lunch so special on Saturday.
You are talk of the town.”
“I wanted to say a big thank you to you, Alan and Rob for weaving your magic for our guests at the Gala Dinner last night. We had loads of positive feedback and we ourselves were totally taken in by you! And one of my colleagues was in a dreadful sulk because you got the better of him J. It was great hearing the ripples of applause around the room.
So please will you pass on my thanks to Alan and Rob.”
“Jim and I would like to thank you for your entertainment which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Since our party we have had numerous texts, emails and calls from our guests commenting how fantastic everything went and “how did you find the magician”.
You had everyone puzzled and they are still talking about it to this day.
Thank you once again and hopefully we will see you again sometime.”
“Just wanted to drop you a line and Thank you for entertaining us on Saturday night.
Everyone was totally enthralled and amazed. We had calls on Sunday to thank us and say how much they had enjoyed it.
Thanks once again, hope to see you again sometime”
“I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for Friday evening at Clevedon Hall. I have had so many comments from people saying how much they enjoyed the magic and that they were amazed at all the different tricks! It was brilliant so thank you once again, we will definitely consider you for any future events and recommend you to friends”
“Fiona and I just got back from our honeymoon after our wedding on the 30th of June. We wanted to pass on our thanks for your work our wedding. We had many, many comments saying that you made the reception very special and original and were an asset to the evening. Your excellent at aiding mingling and giving people a surprise that they spoke about all evening. We were very pleased with how everything went and your work is excellent. My father still doesnt understand your kiwi trick and would not shut up about it after becoming a little plastered. Anyway a huge thanks again and we want you to know that we would be very happy to help write any testimonial or recommendation bits and bobs you may have!”
“I’m writing to thank you for an outstanding and bewildering performance last Saturday at my daughter’s wedding. I and all the guests were quite astounded time after time as you performed feats of impossibility with an ease and presence that was just wonderful. Your skill and dexterity was truly unbelievable and your relaxed manner kept our guests entertained and amazed: several people were genuinely lost for words in trying to describe what you had done (though my sister-in-law said the best trick was in getting her husband to hand you a £20 note!). Many, many thanks for a genuinely magical performance.”
“I would just like to say a massive thank you for Saturday me, Spencer and my guests were very impressed by you and were blown away by your tricks.
I will 100% recommend you to my friends and family although I don’t think it is needed as like I said they were very impressed and I know a couple of people already who will be contacting you in the future.
Once the professional photo’s have come through I will send some on to you.”
“Oh David…. What can I say!
You absolutely blew us away with your amazing skills at Mark and Lucy’s Wedding!
Your presence was a complete surprise to our guests – having you there was the prefect ice breaker and boy were they impressed!
We are still talking about your performances at each table and cannot decide which was our favourite – they were all jaw dropping.
We had a very cynical guest who has travelled and seen at lot… he was truly impressed with you David and to get that reaction from him was worth SO much!
Thank you too for staying on to entertain our evening guests – they were all very important to us and to give them such a fantastic welcome was very impressive.
David, we are all very grateful to you. You are a very talented and charming person are you were an absolute pleasure to have with us on such a special day.
But best of all… In an earlier email I asked you to ‘magic up some sunshine…..’ and YOU DID!!! :)”
“Just a quick email to say a massive THANK YOU… and wow!!!
Everyone thought you were just fantastic, and it was a real pleasure to meet you!!
Enjoy your week, and thanks again…so grateful you could make it at such short notice and be apart of my Dad’s big celebration.”
“Everyone and I truly mean everyone, mentioned how fantastic you were on the evening – all were amazed at your massive array of tricks and working so close to all the ‘punters’ made it even more entertaining.
I hope you dont mind but I have passed your details on to a few people who have requested them since the party”
“Thank you very much for Friday, our students & staff were highly entertained and you had them all speechless!! – I will be sure to pass your details on to the organisers for next years Prom.”
“Just to say a huge THANK YOU for being so fantastic at our wedding! The feedback I got from our friends and family was absolutely wonderful, you truley amazed even our most cynical pals!! I would love to leave some feedback on your website, if that is possible at all?”
“You were a credit to our evening & everyone was commenting on your brilliant magic tricks throughout the evening.”
“We just wanted to thank you so much for your performance on Saturday at our Silver Wedding. You were spectacular and so many of the guests were totally intrigued by your magic. As you know, our friend Harry McGee may well contact you for his company events in the future as he was very impressed.
We really liked the fact that you assessed the situation first before approaching people, or doing close-up magic and were sensitive to the needs of the guests and the evening’s proceedings; not everyone has this skill. You had a gentle approach without forcing yourself on people and this really worked so well for the evening.
I know you stayed much longer than we had expected with various speeches and similar going on. Thank you for this.
I wanted to also let you know why I decided to go ahead with you – I did have a niggle that I should be using a local magician, but the reason I stayed with you was because your website looks and reads well, you had a photo of yourself and I remembered this so could identify you on the day, you answered my emails promptly and clearly and you were not difficult to get hold of on the phone and the call a few days beforehand reassured me I had made the right decision. Thought you would like to hear this!
I hope you thought the evening went well too and I will certainly recommend you for the future.
With kind regards and good luck with your magic into the future.”
“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for Saturday. It was lovely to meet you and it’s safe to say every single one of us thought you were incredible! Lindsey still refuses to talk about it as she just cannot get her head around it which is infuriating her.”
“I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of us both for performing at our wedding. Our guests young and old really enjoyed watching you and everyone we have spoken to since has said how good you were, I just wish we’d had time to watch more of your magic ourselves!”
“I just wanted to email you to thank you for making Amy’s 21st Birthday an occasion that she will never forget.
I have had so many messages saying how brilliant you were, really raving about the way you entertained everyone and made everybody feel at ease and helped really break the ice.
I can’t thank you enough, it’s an evening that everyone will remember and was made more special by having you there to create a great atmosphere.
Amy was especially surprised and hasn’t stopped talking about “Magic Dave.”
I will be in contact in the future either for work functions or big family occasions again.”
“Thank you so much for attending my daughter, Natasha’s wedding evening entertainment on 17th August at Racks Wine Bar in and helping in making it a truly magical evening. I have never seen so many adults so amazed and bemused by your tricks.
Truly amazing and very professional. we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a magician”
“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for your performance on Saturday at Michelle and Darren’s wedding. Everyone thought you were amazing, you really kept everyone entertained, our guests were still trying to work out how you did the amazing tricks over the breakfast table next morning. Must have magic I suggested!!!!
Once again, many thanks you were fantastic.”
“Just a note to say thank you for your wonderful performance at Claire and Matt’s wedding on Saturday at the Marriott Royal in Bristol. You exceeded our expectations and we were amazed by your magic, producing my card with my writing on it from a sealed envelope was truly impressive.
So many of our guests said how good you were and how much they enjoyed your performance, the whoops of amazement and rounds of spontaneous applause we kept hearing were testament to your success with the guests. You put yourself about the place like a true professional leaving us free to attend to our other duties. You really helped to break the ice at the reception and to create the right atmosphere, and you stayed beyond the time we had agreed so amazing value too!
Many, many thanks. We will certainly recommend you anyone we talk to and if we ever need a magician for an event you will be the first person we think of.”
“David – WOW, WOW, WOW. Your magic tricks are the continued talking point from the wedding – we are still at a loss to understand how you even began to do the tricks and all of our friends and family have commented on what a wonderful addition it was to the day. We have heard “did you see the one where he ….” in almost every conversation since the wedding.”
“Words can’t describe how brilliant David was at our recent wedding! Our guests are still talking about him now! He was so professional but very friendly and easy to talk to, he mingled with our guests all night and even remembered the guests names! I have to admit we were a bit dubious about having a magician, we thought it might be a bit cheesy! David was anything but! He really made our night, we thought people might shy away from him, instead they were following him round! He even gave the children a magic wand each, which I think made their night! We really can’t praise or recommend David enough, he was worth every penny. Our whole experience with Warble was brilliant, kind and helpful people at the end of the phone and fast responses which is exactly what a bridezilla needs!”
“Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous entertainment you provided on June 1st for our wedding at the Aztec.
I can’t tell you how many conversations there were, which carried on to the next day, as to how you got that money into the kiwi fruit. Absolutely marvelous!!!!
Thank you for helping to make our day extra special.”
“Just wanted to thank-you on behalf of GEMS Bolitho School for providing table magic which WOWed guests and left everyone amazed at your skill and professionalism.
Excellent job done! It was a pleasure working with you. I really appreciated that you arrived at the venue early giving me peace of mind that the booking worked.”
“I just wanted to follow up (sorry its taken so long) to thank you for adding that something extra to our Caravan Club Support Wardens training event. You’re magic was fantastic (the kiwifruit and £10 note has been talked about regularly since!), it was so well received and you mystified a lot of people! Most importantly for me was that you really added to helping our team feel valued which means a lot as this was a small thank you for all their hard work over the years.”
“Hi David, a rather belated ‘thank you’ for the fabulous entertainment you gave us all on Jeff’s Birthday.
Your tricks were amazing and people are still talking about the kiwi fruit and the cards folded into little envelopes! Lots of people kept asking me where I had found such a good magician and I just told them exactly as it was that I had found you online. I also told them you had the most honest and ‘likeable’ face!
I will certainly pass on your details to anybody who wants to use a magician.”
“Just wanted to send you our heartfelt thanks for your contribution to our wedding in February at Clearwell Castle. It is always a risk booking someone that you haven’t seen in action, however you exceeded our expectations and everyone was blown away by your performances.
I thought I would send you some photos that our photographer took which I think show how much we all enjoyed your magic!”
“Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment at my party 5th Jan. Your tricks amazed all and are being talked about everywhere I go. I Would (and will) recommend you to anyone.
I always hoped my party would go with a swing and you more than played your part in making it so.”
“I think I can safely say on behalf of the whole team that we thoroughly enjoyed your company during the whole weekend and were blown away by your sleight of hand skills; still can’t work out how you managed to change the coins for the kiwi and that damned dice trick is still a mystery! Thank you for agreeing to get involved with the Children’s conference, it is a unique and moving environment to see so many children overcome their condition, to come along to the conference and enjoy themselves with other like-minded individuals. Maybe, like Animals’ balloon man and face painting lady, you could become Cellnovo’s staple attraction year on year?! The kids and parents alike certainly enjoyed your attention.”
“I must thank and congratulate you after your presence at my party on Saturday. All my guests have expressed their admiration at your professionalism and your easy demeanour. Your skilled performance had all present exclaiming “how does he do it?”………………. Nobody could even begin to guess. You left every table and group full of wonderment and pleasure and became a main topic of admiring conversation. The children loved your magic wands as well as your tricks. Young and old truly found your presence and entertainment a joy and delight. Several youngsters have now decided magic will be their career!
I wish to add my personal endorsement to all of the above, I thought your whole entertainment magnificent. I had every confidence in you by recommendation and reputation but these were far exceeded by the actual performance.
I do feel guilty that I did not pay proper attention to your refreshment needs, I hope you managed to eat and drink at least a little and ask pardon for not making this clear.
Please feel free to use any or all of this e-mail as a testimonial should you wish. Needless to say I shall be recommending you to all who might require your services.
It only remains to thank you very very much for your substantial contribution to making my party perfect.”
“We just wanted to thank you so much for your performance on Saturday at our Silver Wedding. You were spectacular and so many of the guests were totally intrigued by your magic. As you know, our friend Harry McGee may well contact you for his company events in the future as he was very impressed.
We really liked the fact that you assessed the situation first before approaching people, or doing close-up magic and were sensitive to the needs of the guests and the evening’s proceedings; not everyone has this skill. You had a gentle approach without forcing yourself on people and this really worked so well for the evening.
I know you stayed much longer than we had expected with various speeches and similar going on. Thank you for this.
I wanted to also let you know why I decided to go ahead with you – I did have a niggle that I should be using a local magician, but the reason I stayed with you was because your website looks and reads well, you had a photo of yourself and I remembered this so could identify you on the day, you answered my emails promptly and clearly and you were not difficult to get hold of on the phone and the call a few days beforehand reassured me I had made the right decision. Thought you would like to hear this!
I hope you thought the evening went well too and I will certainly recommend you for the future.”
“You have SOME special powers…”
“I think the expression on my Mother-in-law’s face says it all.”
“WHAT… Do that again…”
“You went down a storm as I knew you would, you would not believe the number of times I heard the words " that magician was amazing"”
“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for entertaining all my friends and family in Cornwall last weekend celebrating my 50th birthday. They haven’t stopped talking about your tricks and all my nephews and nieces were mesmerised by everything you did as were the rest of us. Your interaction with everyone was brilliant and the tricks made us all laugh, had us all surprised, and most of all we were amazed by your up close tricks.

It was such a fantastic way to make my special birthday one to remember and I simply loved it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“One of the Best - FIVE Stars”
“Thank you very much for all you did on Saturday - I've had some lovely feedback and everyone really enjoyed themselves, so thank you!! Your performance was brilliant and it was great fun to hear the whoops, gasps and applause and to see the genuine faces of astonishment looking around the room! Wonderful stuff!”
“We knew you would be a success at our wedding but you were even better than we expected. Everyone was coming upto us saying how amazing you were and that they had no idea how you were doing it! Some people have told us it's the best wedding they have ever been to! You were a part of making that happen!”
“Thanks for attending my birthday celebrations on Saturday, your ‘magic’ was amazing and everyone is asking – “how did he do that” ?

You certainly helped to make it a night to remember.”
“Everyone really enjoyed your magic and it added a wow factor to our social event. Was great seeing eveyone's faces, especially on the kiwi trick.”
“Just want to say a massive thank you to you for making our wedding so memorable! Everyone is talking about how amazing you were! You completely had me with the kiwi fruit haaaa :-)”
“Everyone has raved about you since the wedding :) we are still talking about the kiwi trick.”
“David, just wanted to say, once again how impressed all our guests were with your “show” on Thursday evening. I think they will all be taking about it for years to come and, for a lot of us, myself included, it was the first time that I had witnessed close up magic “live”. It really was the perfect way to start the party and a great “ice-breaker”.”
“I just wanted to say thank you for the entertainment that you provided at Scott and Pennie's wedding on Saturday. Our guests were blown away with your magic and were talking about your magic all weekend, with the main phrase being 'how did he do that?'
We booked you as we had felt exactly the same way when we had been at a friends son's wedding last October. You didn't disappoint and we still don't know how you did any of your tricks!! but that is magic isn't it?
Many of the guests talked about your unassuming way of working your way around the room, never obtrusive but always aware of an opportunity to perform your brilliant tricks at the most opportune times. The children's tricks were also very timely and appropriate and you covered the whole range of ages from 2 to 10 amazingly well. You helped to make the day perfect for both Scott and Pennie and all of the guests.
Thank you again and we would have no hesitation in recommending or rebooking you for any future events. You do a brilliant 'magic' job.”
“On behalf of the Judo Club and all the guests at last Saturday's Dinner Dance can I thank you so much for your support and performances around the tables.

I have received nothing but very positive comments and sheer amazement at the magic tricks that you mesmerised us all with. It really did make the evening fun, entertaining and - very thought provoking!

Thank you once again and I sincerely hope that we can use your services again in the future.”
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your part in making our day so special. Even when you weren't performing in front of us we could here gasps and wows from around the gardens and main hall. Everyone was very impressed with your magic and you were just what we wanted, a great entertainer and ice breaker.”
“Amazing entertainment at our wedding on 29 August. Our guests were very impressed with the magic you did and we got lots of great feedback.”
“Mum really enjoyed your work and her friends and family are still talking about your act- the bank note and the kiwi fruit was especially impressive & mystifying!
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others - it was excellent entertainment.”
“.... you had people scratching their heads for quite some time after you left.”
“David you were just incredible! You managed to wow all our 150 guests and even convert a few to enjoying magic! A massive thank you from us all.”
“I just wanted to say a big thank you for providing the entertainment last night, it was magical!!

Everyone really enjoyed the evening and have not stopped talking about it today!”
“Just getting back to normal … I would like to say how impressed everyone was with your show.. and to say a huge thank you for helping make the day perfect… you were incredible !”
“Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I  was particularly  thrilled with the brilliant interaction and involvement.  You are now part of the family folklore and have created wonderful memories which will be talked about for many years.  My son is convinced that you will be appearing at Vegas in the near future.”
“Close-up hand magic is quite comfortably the most impressive act of this type that I have yet seen - the tricks are all highly distinctive (in other words absolutely not what all the rest are typically doing) and some of David’s specialities are truly mind-blowing and have you wondering for days afterwards how on Earth it’s done.

Very highly recommended for any business event where you really want to impress your guests