|| May 26, 2011

wedding_party_bus.jpgThere are different kinds of magicians. The task of hiring a wedding magician may seem simple until you realise that there are different kinds of magic that can be performed. One method involves cards, coins, and other props. These tools can be used by magicians when in a mingling setting, which is ideal for wedding magic. The magician may even be dressed as a regular guest to give the attendees a real surprise!

The price you may be asked to pay will vary. If you have an exact budget that you must stick to, as most people planning weddings do, you will want to be made aware of the price from the very start. If you want a quality magician, you should be willing to pay at least £300, though closer to £600 is not unheard of either. Deposits tend to run at about 20%, but you will need to find out the exact amount for the wedding magician you choose to hire.

There are ways that you can judge a magician’s level of quality other than the price they charge. Look up the magician’s website and explore everything about them. There, you should run across testimonials, picture galleries, and lists of past clients that give credibility to the magician. Seek out detailed testimonials that say more than he was simply good at magic. The magician pictures should include images of the magician himself and his captivated audience. For the list of clients to mean anything to you, they should be recognisable as clients that are very high class.

Do not be afraid to contact the magician over the phone, via email, or in person if you live nearby. If you looking for magicians in Birmingham take a look at the links at the bottom of this page.
The initial contact may be done less formally, but a face-to-face meeting with the wedding magician you are considering hiring will be important to get a better impression of him.