|| October 30, 2011

Noel_Qualter_Jedi_star_wars.jpgIt is becoming increasingly popular for people to look for alternative forms of entertainment when hosting parties and special occasions. A party magician, for example, can bring a sense of wonder and intrigue to an event to raise it above the normality of traditional experiences. Whether performing a live show or close up magic for individual guests, they provide guests with an experience to remember and hosts with the satisfaction of having organised a successful and enjoyable event.

A party magician is an effective form of entertainment for a wide variety of social occasions. The special party entertainment which they offer is suitable for both adults and children, although of course an act can be tailored to any particular audience. Magicians are very commonly hired for birthday parties to create an extra level of excitement. A birthday party magician can make the recipient of a party the centre of the fun, and ensure that they have a birthday to remember.


A skilled party magician will similarly be able to enhance other special events, such as a Halloween party or a Christmas party. They are increasingly being hired for the latter by companies who want to reward their employees with some special party entertainment during the festive season. It is with the same intention of boosting morale that a magician will often be booked for corporate events. They will generally be complete entertainers, and will be charismatic and funny as well as skilled in the art of magic.

The type of magic which a party magician performs will often be of the close-up variety. This can be very thrilling for party guests who have never experienced such entertainment before. Close up magic can be very effective when performed at wedding receptions. The magician can wander around the tables performing tricks for the assembled guests. This is not only a great spectacle, but can also act as a conversation starter between guests who perhaps would not know each other very well.

Perhaps what makes this form of entertainment so enthralling is that it is interactive. Party guests are often involved in the tricks, and afterwards are amazed and left struggling to figure out how they were done. A skilled party magician will be able to engage an audience in a way that other forms of entertainment cannot. It is for these reasons that they provide such a special atmosphere and memorable experience, and consequently why they are becoming increasingly popular.