|| November 9, 2010

watch_steel_magician.jpgA fun and different entertainment idea for a Christmas party or wedding reception is booking a magician. By booking a great magician, the wedding planners and the couple to be married can add a fun element of entertainment to the festivities. The magicians act can be use to keep guests pleasantly amused while wedding pictures are being taken or while people wait in lines for food or to speak with the happy couple. Booking a magician, while unusual, would surely make the wedding reception a memorable one for all.

Once the bride and groom have decided to go about hiring a magician for the party, there are a few key things to keep in mind when searching for the right magician for the job. With careful research and planning, the magician act can be a good one with a quality performer instead of a sad situation that resembles a hobo showing off cheap tricks. The first thing to consider is what type of magician to hire. Will the entertainer be primarily for adults, kids or evenly entertain both alike? Booking a magician also means checking into the price it will take to hire the entertainer and factoring that into the wedding budget.

How will the magician go about entertaining the wedding guests at the reception?

There are many great ideas for how the performance will be played out.

There are fun options such as a roving magician who moves around and mingles with the guests, performing tricks along the way. This magician can visit small groups of guests or mingle amongst the tables as well. Booking a magician for the reception takes pressure off the bride and groom in that they need not worry about the guests’ happiness but merely mingle themselves and enjoy their day.

Booking a magician need not be a complicated matter, yet it does involve some research and fact checking in order to be sure the performing artist hired is reputable and capable of putting on a great show for the guests that will be attending the wedding reception. Check the magician’s references or testimonials and look at any pictures or videos to attest to the fact that the show will be worth the money and time. There is no better good referral than a content and pleased customer to help in the booking a magician process.