|| September 2, 2010

Magicians_Business_Card_David_Willmott.jpgWhile you handle the receiving lines or visit the tables, what are your guests doing? Are they seated at a table with a part of your family they’ve never met? Are they making small talk and swapping memories of you in your early years? Perhaps they’re dancing to the music with their date if they’re in the mood. But there is a chance that they aren’t doing any of this, and simply sitting patiently, waiting to wish you and your new spouse the best before they leave the party out the back. This is not what you want, but there is something you can do about it. Hiring a magician is a great choice of wedding entertainment that will keep your guests occupied and happy throughout your reception.

The best thing about a close up magician, or a table magician, is that they take the pressure off the newlyweds by keeping the guests engaged and entertained while the reception continues. Instead of sitting uncomfortably with people they may not know, they can be enjoying their own personal show by a funny, magical professional whose only goal is to entertain. Guests of all ages can be captivated by the tricks, games, and mystery provided by this magician who not only gives the table a common focal point during the show, but also an ice-breaker after he’s done. If you’re looking for a great choice of wedding entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Many brides and grooms get so occupied with the responsibilities and people that occupy them that often the bulk of the guests are left to fend for themselves. It’s important to understand this and avoid the awkward social situations by providing your tables with a common point of interest. A magician is a great choice of wedding entertainment because he leaves people talking about the fun, the tricks, and even the performer himself. After a magician has visited a table, it lightens the mood and opens people up to strangers or family members who haven’t seen each other in ages. This is exactly what you want to happen.

In order for your guests to enjoy their time, you need to provide them with the options to do so. Give them something to watch and to be a part of, like a magician’s show, and you can be confident that you’ve made a great choice of wedding entertainment. After all, you won’t be having a great time unless you know your guests are.