|| December 31, 2011

Are you looking for information on the different names for magicians? Well hopefully the following details will give you a better idea of what each title means.

There are different forms of magic and illusion which make up the different names given for magicians. They all perform various tricks and give the impression that their act contains the impossible or supernatural feats.

Some of the following are the different names you will find relating to magicians and form part of the entertainment both in fantasy and real situations –

Wizard – Someone who possesses supernatural powers and can perform acts of magic and sorcery in a fantasy situation.

Illusionist – Is someone who has the power in creating an unreal image both in the psychical or mental form and giving a false perception to the audience in a real life situation.

Table Top Magician – Someone who gets up close and personal with the audience in a real situation and performs magic including various card and handkerchief tricks using sleight of hand and is very popular act for weddings, anniversaries and corporate events.

Escapologist – Is someone who can escape from different restraints and also confined spaces and is something that the world famous Harry Houdini perfected over 100 years ago.

There are other forms of magic and illusion both in the psychical and mental world which include an enchanter who can create a spell usually through the act of hypnosis, a mage also gets involved in the paranormal and has their subjects spell bound and fascinated, a magus is someone who claims to have the power to foretold certain parts of the future like an astrologer or a tarot card reader, a thaumaturgist is someone who possesses healing hands and has the ability to work miracles or find an illness cure and a mentalist is someone who reads minds or gets involved in parapsychological activities of which there has been a big push in the UK in recent years with people like Paul McKenna and Derren Brown mastering this type of technique.

There are various offshoots which make up the complete package of the magical world and some areas have progressed more than others in recents years, with the demand for psychological and paranormal acts on the increase and traditional magic and illusion in slight decline.