|| April 12, 2011

Wedding_Magician_Hire.jpgIf you have ever been to an event where an impressive magician was present, you may be wondering whether you want to hire one to provide the entertainment at your wedding. At first, the idea may seem splendid and without drawbacks, but upon thinking more about it, you may wonder whether it could be a bit tacky. Here is an honest look as to why having a magician is great for weddings, especially if the magician is dressed like a guest whilst doing great magic for all the real guests to enjoy.

This kind of magician is important for making your wedding day a memorable one for all your guests without being tacky. You enter the realm of tackiness when you have extravagant tricks performed, like sawing someone in half or pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Instead of these kinds of stage tricks, you need a wedding magician who knows how to do close up magic. This involves temporarily nicking people’s watches and pick-pocketing for show purposes. When dressed as just another guest, your wedding magician will be free to mingle with guests who will have no idea what he is about to do. This provides your guests with enjoyable entertainment while you take your pictures with your family so no one is bored at your reception.

In order for your choice in a magician to be a success, he must be a good showman. You want your guests to be left amazed and wondering how the tricks were performed, not predicting the method of the trick and being correct. If your wedding magician is successful, he will have your guests still talking about his amazing tricks as they travel back to their homes and hotels. That is the kind of impact you want a magician at your wedding to have.

If you talk to anyone who has seen any close up magicians before at another wedding, you will get one of two responses. Either the magician was stunning and performed his tricks admirably, leaving guests begging for more, or the magician was not skilled enough to pull off close up magic without guests being able to see how it was performed. In order to have the first response from your guests, you will want to hire only a magician that is known to captivate his audiences and leave onlookers speechless. With a talented magician like this, everything you want from your wedding entertainment will be accomplished.