|| September 21, 2010

hiring_magicians_for_events.jpgA sure-fire way to draw a crowd at a party is to announce that you’re going to do a magic trick. People are fascinated by magic, whether they simply want to enjoy the trick or want to try and figure out how the magician made it happen. In any case, magic makes for some great entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Whether you need entertainment for a wedding, a birthday party or a company gathering, it helps to consider a few key factors when hiring magicians. In order to hire the right magician for your event, you need to have a clear picture of what you want and of what the magician can provide.

When hiring magicians, it’s important for you to know what kind of magic you want them to perform. Consider your audience: children may be entertained by a magic act that would completely bore adults. The magic one would perform at a casual dinner might not be appropriate in a corporate setting. Aside from traditional stand-up magic, in which a magician performs on a stage, you can also hire mingling close up magicians, which wander through a crowd performing tricks, tableside magicians, which go from table to table at an event, or even a parlour magician, which performs in intimate groups of twenty people or less.

You also want to make sure that you’re hiring a quality performer. When hiring magicians, you should always ask for references and read testimonals. If they really awe and astonish the people they perform for, they should have no problem getting references from former clients. And ask them if they’re affiliated with any reputable magic organisations. If a magician is serious about his craft, he or she will do his or her best to keep on the cutting edge of the magic industry by keeping abreast of the latest news in the magic world.

And, finally, take a good look at pictures and any videos, see firsthand whether or not you think he or she is the right fit for your event. Ask them about their personal experience and performance preferences. Ask them to describe a few of their tricks to you, Chances are, if you’re satisfied with them, your guests will be, too. Hiring magicians doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you follow these guidelines, then you’ll find that it can be magically simple.