|| April 4, 2011

How_to_choose_the_right_magician.jpgWhy is wedding entertainment important in the first place? Before you choose to hire the right wedding magician, you must understand why brides and grooms book entertainment for their guests. This day of your union is one you want to share with your important friends and family members, but you cannot expect to spend all evening giving attention to all your guests at the same time. That is why wedding entertainment is desired. It keeps the tone of celebration alive while captivating your guests and making them feel pleased to stay and celebrate with you.

Why should close up magicians be selected as the best form of wedding entertainment? Magic is intrinsically entertaining no matter the age, gender, or other differences between your guests. The kind of magic performed can be as versatile as the audience. Whether the crowd around the magician performing close up magic is primarily made up of children, adults, the elderly, or a combination, everyone can be entertained. Most people never have the chance to see magic up close, which will make your choice of hiring a wedding magician memorable for all your guests. Plus, unexpected delays or the time you spend taking pictures with a select few guests can also be filled by an experienced wedding magician.

Why is close up magic preferred over stage magic for wedding entertainment? Close up magic is ideal because it does not require any special equipment or setup. Props for close up magic can easily be carried in a magician’s pocket. It takes mere minutes for a wedding magician performing close up magic to prepare. Plus, the atmosphere of a wedding is perfectly accommodated by a wedding magician who can perform his tricks to a semi-circle of onlookers, seated guests, or larger crowds, depending on what the situation calls for.

How do the bride and groom choose the right magician for their wedding? Organising a successful wedding is not an easy accomplishment, but by choosing the right wedding magician, one facet of the day’s events will take care of itself. Make sure the magician you hire has plenty of experience at weddings and can show pictures to prove it. Ensure that he has public liability insurance, which will protect you and your guests. Ask about all fees and make sure there are no hidden extras. Obtain all agreements in writing for a smooth booking of the most ideal wedding entertainment for your special day.