|| April 27, 2011

Hiring_a_magician_for_a_wedding.jpgMagic is not just for the entertainment of the younger generation anymore. It has also evolved far beyond the original concept of pulling a rabbit out a hat or guessing which card you picked. The popularity of close up magic is the basis of this revival and its new appeal to a variety of ages. Close up magicians have been known to mesmerise club audiences, but the newest rage in the world of magic is to hire a magician for your wedding entertainment. As you consider this idea, you must learn how much it costs to hire a wedding magician since this is certainly not something you do every day.

There is a wide range of skill levels that you may find in the magicians you could potentially hire. These range from amateurs who do magic on the weekends to real professionals who have performed on television to captivated audiences. The price range you can expect for these ability levels are from £250 to about £600. Both the experience of the magician and the location of the wedding will be taken into account in determining the price. If you are quoted a price less than £250, be careful. Your bargain could end up ruining your wedding entertainment. On the other hand, more than £800 could mean your magician is either a minor celebrity or is trying to take advantage of you.

No matter what precise amount you are quoted for this form of wedding entertainment, there are a few specific questions you should ask of your potential wedding magician. The first is if they are even available the day you are getting hitched. This is perhaps the most important question you could ask a magician you are considering hiring. If they are, make sure you have exclusive rights to the magician the day you get married so you can call on them at any time you need them. Make sure they have prior experience performing at weddings and what audiences they can entertain, like children, adults, or the elderly.

Most professionals magicians will have some kind of booking form or written agreement/contract but make sure everything is provided and ask about any deposit required you also don’t want any hidden charges like travel costs and accommodation.

David Willmott has been a Bristol close up magician for over five years entertaining at 100s of events each year.