|| May 14, 2010

The Magic Castle is one of the world’s most exclusive clubs for magicians. Shrouded in all of the mystery that comes with this hobby and profession, the castle itself is a unique landmark located in Hollywood, CA. With entrance typically limited to members and guests only, invitations to this exclusive venue are highly coveted among not only industry professionals, but also any number of people around the world.

Gaining access is sure to result in an experience not soon to be forgotten. However, in addition to exclusive events and membership, the castle also serves to develop public interest in both the art and history of magic.
The Magic Castle, which opened in 1963, also serves as the home for the Academy of Magical Arts which originally started with a charter membership of only 150 members.

This organization focuses on advancing the art of magic and also as a place for other enthusiasts to congregate and share their passion for the craft. The building itself is a beautiful, Victorian-style mansion that contains no doors that are visible to the interior. Entrance to the building is gained by a secret password, even furthering its already established mystery. 
The privacy that the castle and the academy maintain only makes sense as magic is made up of many well-guarded secrets that have been passed down throughout the years.

Even with its inherent exclusivity, the Academy at the Magic Castle, nonetheless, offers a magic class open to adult beginners. It is part of the organization’s commitment to furthering public interest in the art of magic. However, other more private offerings include dinners in the castle’s elegant ambiance as well as nightly performances. There are several theaters that cater to different types of magic, including close-up, stage-illusions, and so forth. There are also informal performances given around the castle’s five bars.

Beyond its entertainment value and novelty, the Magic Castle is deeply devoted to preserving and furthering the history and interest in this unique art form. There are plenty of opportunities for research and skill-development with its extensive library and magician only lectures. 
No matter what your level of interest in magic, there are varying level of membership opportunities. Although not everyone gains access to this famous organization, if magic is your passion, it is worth considering putting in an application. After all, in the world of magic, this is truly the place to see and be seen.