|| August 18, 2010

Penn__Teller_Magic_Show.jpgThey say that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” That’s what might make it difficult to pin down the best magical acts in Sin City. But since the magic scene in Las Vegas is unparalleled worldwide, we’re going to have to try our best. The Strip is home to many magicians, from up-and-comers playing tiny, smoke-filled dives to established acts that are world-renowned and draw an international crowd. Magic is a language that just about anyone can understand, so it’s easy to understand this minor art form’s universal appeal. And magic in Las Vegas is undoubtedly the best magic in the world.

When you think of famous magicians, Penn & Teller are sure to be on that list. This edgy duo has been performing together for over forty years. Their act showcases a lot of humour and some death-defying tricks. They also do card tricks, but they’re far more sophisticated than the “pick a card, any card” tricks that your granddad taught you when you were little. Some of their humour is crass and some of their tricks are gory, so the crowd for a typical Penn & Teller show is adult. This is the show that put magic in Las Vegas in the public eye.

But there’s also plenty of family-friendly magic in Las Vegas. One great example of that is Mac King. The grandson of two avid amateur close up magicians, King has been performing in Las Vegas since 1997, and his show is one of the most popular on the Strip. Consistently the highest rated magic show in Las Vegas, King’s show consists of astounding tricks and illusions, along with plenty of energetic, wholesome humour that the whole family can enjoy. And since his shows are moderately priced, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value for good entertainment in Vegas.

So, whether you’re looking for comedy and magic that will challenge your perception and your eyes, or a show that’s full of fun for the whole family, you’re bound to find that and everything in between in Vegas. The magic in Las Vegas is, without a doubt, the finest in the world. In fact, if you ever visit Vegas, you wouldn’t be getting the full Vegas experience if you weren’t taking in a show. Prepare to be astounded, confused, distracted, amazed, and, above all, entertained like you have never been entertained before. Don’t worry; I won’t tell.