|| December 2, 2010

Wedding_at_Bath_Assembly_Rooms_before_the_guests.jpgHaving a magician perform at a wedding reception is a fantastic entertainment option that is sure to bring lots of smiles and memorable moments to a truly magical day. The bride and the groom can hire a great magician and rest assured that their guests will be entertained well while photos are being taken or while everyone is mingling and getting food and the like.

This type of entertainment for the wedding reception is fresh and unusual but definitely fun and exciting as well.
The best way to incorporate a magician into the wedding reception is to hire one that is performing up close and personal more so than just a stage performance. A magician that can mingle about the crowd and wow clusters of guests, adults and children alike, will really add a great dimension to the party.

Before the wedding, the bride and groom can discuss with the magician how they would like him or her to entertain the guests. The magician will have suggestions and ideas to input into this discussion as well and a workable, fun plan will come together.

An up close and personal magician to walk about the room and mingle with the party goers is a great way to provide entertainment at a wedding reception. As people gather in small clusters to chat, stand in line at the food tables or even once they are seated at tables talking and eating, the magician can approach them and joke around, warming up to performing a myriad of fun effects such as sleight of hand tricks and baffling table magic.

Most of the time these talented and experienced magicians will use common objects as props in their tricks, borrowing rings or bank notes as well as glasses or coins from participants.
Another way to have a magician act incorporated into the wedding reception is to have an area set aside for such a performance off and away from the dance floor and food tables.

Then those guests who are taking a break from dancing and eating or who do not wish to dance can wander over there and be delightfully entertained by an up close and personal show of baffling effects and fun tricks. However a magician is factored into the wedding reception, there is no doubt that the event will be enhanced because of it. People of all ages love to enjoy a true magician’s acts of puzzlement and amazement.