|| January 31, 2012

sleight_of_hand_magician.jpgWhen planning a terrific party for your friends and acquaintances, you should plan to hire entertainment. If the entertainment matters then you can consider hiring an amazing magician to wow your crowd. The only problem is figuring out if a magician works for your budget. Magicians rates are like any product on the market, they change. Depending on factors like date, time, location, and what kind and level of close up magician you want. As with other products you get what you pay for, so hiring the most inexpensive magician might not be the best choice. There are no approximate costs of magicians.

Time and day make a difference the same way a plane ticket costs more on Fridays than on Thursdays. Plan you party for a day where the magicians time is worth more and the cost immediately goes up. The best way to save money is to ask the magicians rates that you are working with and when would be least expensive for you. Magicians would rather get paid less than not get paid at all. The time is the same way. Later times that are in higher demand are going to cost more for you to have a magician at your party.

Asking how much does a magician cost can leave you feeling dizzy, choose 3-4 magicians you like the look of and obtain quotes.

Prices to hire a magician also depend most importantly on the magician that you choose to hire. A magician is the commodity you are trading for and the quality of the show will match the price you paid for the magician. Full time professional magicians that live off of their skill and art of magic will be very busy and have repeat performances. How much to hire a magician all depends on what you are willing for give up or fork out the get the performance that you want for your guests. Magicians prices depend on their experience and their show so ask them for quotes on prices.