The Mystery Room Magician

|| August 8, 2016

A new style is sweeping through the magic world - and you could have it at your event. It will add drama, tension and excitement, but most of all it will change the way you see magic performed.

Imagine a small Mystery Room which is completely separate from the main activity. A room where all the magic will happen. A room where only you and the magician knows what goes on inside.

Lead a small group of your unenlightened guests into the room, and leave them to watch the show. They will have an amazing experience, with a better view and more complex tricks than they ever would have with strolling or table top magic. At the end of the show, they will be sworn to secrecy before being allowed to rejoin the rest of the guests.

As they filter back through the group, there will be questions, guesses, tension and mystery around what has been witnessed inside the Mystery Room. As you lead another small number into the Mystery Room, more suspense and excitement will build. So the cycle will continue, with guests entering without knowing what is going to happen, until everyone has seen a show to remember!

Without a doubt, this is one of the best, most fun ways to incorporate magic into any event, be it a corporate function, a wedding or a private party. It will give you, the host, the chance to mingle with everyone, when otherwise you may not have had the chance to spend time with all of your guests. It will act as an ice-breaker and a conversation starter between guests, especially those who may not know anyone else. It will give your guests to see an uninterrupted 15-20 minute magic act, which has the impression of going to see a proper show, rather than just being apprehended. It will be memorable, and best of all - it will be something different that most people won't have ever experienced before!

If you think that this would make the perfect addition to your event, or if you have any more questions, get in touch today for a quote!

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