|| January 24, 2011

wedding_magicians.jpgWhile there are plenty of options available when it comes to wedding entertainment many of them have become overplayed and cliché. Bands used to be the fashion in the old days and were more recently replaced by a plethora of DJs. While both are still utilized by many couples today, a great deal of people are now wishing for a more novel option that appeals to their wide variety of guests. The difficulty with music is that it does not necessarily cater to everyone attending the wedding. While the song selections may be enjoyable and recognizable to a small group, many find themselves either trying to awkwardly dance to the tunes or else sitting out on the fun altogether.

Fortunately, for those looking for a bit of a different choice when it comes to their wedding entertainment, there is now a much better option available.
Wedding magicians are a great way to provide an enjoyable experience to all of your attendants, while also serving to break the ice, introduce guests that do not know each other, and keep them all engaged during lulls in the reception schedule. As they are a low-maintenance form of entertainment, typically not requiring outlets or much equipment, it is possible to use them in many different places throughout the day.

When hiring magicians for your wedding entertainment you have two options from which to choose. You can have a mix and mingle close-up strolling, or table magician. Strolling magicians are good when wanting to keep guests in one location and engaged for a set period of time. For example, while formal photographs are being taken. On the other hand, a table magician is free to roam about the crowd and start and stop their performance as needed. This is a great way to fill in the gaps and maintain a good flow to the day.

For guests that do not know each other, a close up roving magician can serve as way to bring these people together. Having a conversation starter is a great way to strike up a chat with any number of people. However, in addition to serving as a great ice breaker, a wedding magician is also one of the few forms of wedding entertainment that your guests will actually remember. Instead of just having the same old DJ, choosing this novel option will make your wedding stand out to all of those in attendance.