|| October 19, 2011

now_magic_cd.jpgYou’re finally getting married and you want your special day to be as unique and memorable as you and your groom. You want people to remember your reception and have it stand out over the average humdrum wedding. This promises to be one of the best days of your life and you and your guests deserve to celebrate it to the fullest. Why not hire a magician at a wedding for a touch of mystery and whimsy sure to delight your guests!

Okay, maybe you’re thinking this is a cheesy idea. You might be picturing a tuxedo-clad man telling a volunteer to “Pick a card.” But you would be wrong in your thinking. The fact is that magicians are becoming an ever increasingly popular form of wedding entertainment.

Hiring magicians for weddings is the perfect way to placate impatient guests during lulls in the wedding. While the wedding party is being photographed or while the ceremony site is being transformed for the reception are perfect times for a magician to perform. This is a particularly good distraction if there are children among your guests. A little magic will captivate the attention of hungry munchkins and help keep them from becoming rowdy or destructive.

Magicians will also help to release the awkward tension that often hangs thickly in a room full of people who do not know each other. Shared laughter can set nervous energy to rest and help guests loosen up in preparation for an evening of joint celebration.


Before you begin hiring magicians for weddings you’ll need to take time to really do your research on these guys. A stellar performance for the grownups at your wedding reception requires a different kind of act from a kindergartener’s backyard birthday party. The magician you hire won’t bring the bunnies and top hats.

Screen magicians for weddings by viewing footage of previous performances. Better yet, have him perform for you and your husband-to-be for a more accurate idea of what to expect. Find out how long a potential magician has been in the business – an indicator of how successful and professional he has been. Finally, be sure that your magician has full public liability insurance. Because he may mingle among your guests, ask to borrow objects for illusions, or even incorporate somewhat dangerous elements in his act, having coverage will be indispensable.

Hiring a magician at a wedding promises to be an unforgettable experience to add to the excitement of your special day. So whens the best time for magician Be sure yours is will add a professional element of entertainment by doing your research, confirming the illusions in the magic act, and maintaining good communication with your magician.