|| February 16, 2011

hiring_the_right_magician_for_your_event.jpgFind the Professional Among the Amateurs

The most important thing about hiring a close up magician is that they are professional. An amateur magician may be able to perform magic in certain settings and from the proper angle, but the best magicians can be completely surrounded by onlookers and still leave everyone astounded after the trick has been performed. Part of being a professional also means that they will show up on time, be dressed smartly, make an effort to attend to every guest at your wedding, and handle last-minute changes with ease. Obviously, this is the kind of wedding magician you want to hire, so here are the tips you need to help you find such a close up magician.

Everyone can claim to be a professional, but a truly skilled magician is the only kind you are interested in investing in. The first step to determine the professionalism of a magician is to explore their website. There should be plenty of information there for you to utilise including a photo gallery, testimonials, past clients, contact information, and pages that explain what specific experiences the magician has had. This is a great way to get an idea of what kind of performer they are without even meeting them.

Next, see what societies the magician belongs to. In order for magicians to gain acceptance into a magic society, they must be serious and accomplished performers. Other professional bodies like the UK Performers Union or Equity are great memberships to look for in the magician you hire as well.

Then, you will want to explore specific engagements they have performed at. If you are serious about hiring the magician, you can ask for a letter of recommendation from a past client or two in order to help assure their performance level. If the magician is unable to provide you with this, or at least a few testimonials of past clients, something is awry and you should look elsewhere.

Finally, ask the magician if they have public liability insurance. Because of the close interaction the magician will be having with your guests, and potentially borrowing their possessions to perform tricks, you will want to make sure that you are not personally liable for any accidents that may occur. Professional magicians will have liability insurance. With all of these checked off your list, you will be able to hire a professional close up magician who will positively reflect on you during this important day.