|| May 5, 2011

hiring_a_wedding_magician.jpgA survey recently conducted of wedding guests in the UK revealed that more than 80% of attendees remember the entertainment more than any other part of the day. It can be easy to justify skipping this portion of your wedding day, but it clearly has the potential to make a big impact on your guests and their enjoyment in sharing your important day with you. While this is certainly your day to do with what you will, you want your guests to look back and remember having a great time at your wedding.

Now that you know wedding entertainment is a very important part of your plans, you can decide what kind of entertainment you want to enthral your guests with. Many people decide that hiring a magician is a great way to provide entertainment that takes care of itself. Do you want to have a successful wedding magician? You must follow these three tips in order for your goal to be met.

First, check out the magician before hiring them. Make sure they at least appear professional in the way they set up their website. A magician who cannot devote enough time to his website to make it look professional is not worth your time or money. Check out picture galleries, testimonials, and past clients the magician has worked with that give him credibility. Feel free to use the contact information to get in touch with him to discuss the possibility of being hired.
Make sure they understand the importance of presentation so you prevent a shabby magician from showing up on the day of your wedding.

Finally, make it clear as to what you want on the day of your wedding. If you do not disclose any specifics you expect from hiring a magician, he will make assumptions about what you want. Have a contract written up with any specific requests or exceptions you want to see. If you want the magician to fill in the holes during down times of your wedding, make sure he knows it. He may require breaks and time to eat a meal, which should be fully disclosed in the contact as well. By keeping communication open between you and your magician, his performance is bound to be successful

When’s the best time to hire a wedding magician?