|| April 10, 2013

If you've decided to have some entertainment at your wedding, you may be struggling to find out what options are out there, or you may be looking for something a little different. In reverse order, I've put together a list of my top picks for ideas to keep your guests entertained on your Big Day!

6. Singing Waiters

Some of the best entertainment comes when the guests are least expecting it. That's why singing waiters are so much fun! They will come dressed the same as all your other waiters, and they will mingle with your guests, serving them food drinks as you would expect. Then, when everyone's least expecting it, they'll break out into song!

As they take everyone by surprise, singing waiters are great for making people feel relaxed and lightening the mood. They will perform whatever style of music you like, and they may even include a bit of audience participation! Singing waiters fit in at any type of event where you're planning to have waiters, not just at weddings.

5. Caricature Artists

Everyone loves caricatures, which is why they're a great form of wedding entertainment. Caricature artists can draw all the guests, highlighting their features to create an exaggerated likeness. This will get everyone talking and laughing, and the best part is that each of the guests will have something to take home with them at the end of the day, as well. Entertainment which also saves you money on wedding favours is always a good thing!

4. Photo Booths

Photography is a big part of documenting your Big Day, and photo booths are the newest trend to hit the wedding photography world. It's simple: grab a few guests and put them in the photo booth, throw in a few props, let them have fun, and sit back and wait for the pictures! This is a really fun way of getting everyone to take part in the day.

If you have lots of people who don't know each other, or if you'd like the two families to mingle, you can even have rules ensuring that everyone must enter the photo booth with someone they don't know or someone who they aren't related to. Not only will this create some fabulous photos, but it will allow people to meet and mix, too.

3. Silhouette Cutting

Silhouettes are usually thought of as being typically Georgian, but lately their popularity has been booming, as it's a completely original take on documenting your wedding guests. In a similar way to photographers who capture images of you and your guests which will last forever, a silhouettist can cut out someone's profile in a matter of seconds. These are great momentos for the guests to take home, or they can all be arranged together in one large display.

This is another type of entertainment which will take guests by surprise. At first, silhouettists appear just like any other guest, until the scissors come out and they get snipping!

2. Supersized Games and Activities

Bring out your inner child! If you want to get your guests up and about, and encourage them to have fun and let their hair down, then enjoying some of the games we all played as children could be your answer. All manner of games are available to hire (or buy, if you think you'll play them again!), from supersized Jenga to giant Twister. You could even hire a large Scalextric set, or a bouncy castle!

Weddings are just big parties - a time to celebrate with your friends and family. What better way to have fun than by playing some giant board games? This is a brilliant way to get people mingling with other guests who they may not have spoken to otherwise.

1. Magicians!

Magic is the perfect form of wedding entertainment, as it appeals to everyone's sense of curiosity, no matter their age or background. Imagine a magician (that's me!) mingling with everyone and pretending to be a regular guest, before suddenly performing a jaw-dropping trick out of the blue!

Magic acts as an ice-breaker, giving guests who may not know each other something to talk about. This is wedding entertainment which can fit into any part of your day, and which will make it the most memorable event you've ever been to!