|| March 30, 2010

the_magic_circle.jpgThe Magic Circle is one of the only clubs for magicians of its kind. With planned events, a revered venue, and the camaraderie of having fellow magicians to interact with, it is a unique group that is made up of people with some of the most talent in the business. As magic tends to be a one-man show of sorts, it is helpful, but also fun, to have others who share your same interests and passions. You can discuss trade secrets as well as learn new skills and techniques that are not only interesting, but can enhance your career as well.

Picture idea Alan Hudson

As a member of the Magic Circle, you will have the privilege of attending certain, exclusive events. Some of these include suppers and award banquets, but, also, there are several competitions in which to both participate and enjoy. These competitions are for all sorts of magic, including platform, cabaret, and stage performers. Additionally, there is the Young Magician of the Year competition, which caters specifically to younger, but no less talented, magicians. The prestige of the club is very apparent when you take a look at some of the most successful magicians of today and realize that they have participated in these exact competitions.

The physical headquarters of the Magic Circle is awe-inspiring in and of itself. Located conveniently in London, is one of the most revered magic centres in the entire world. The Clubroom, Devant room, and lower ground floor serve as a museum of sorts, showcasing various memorabilia of magic’s vast, interesting, and diverse history. However, they also house a distinct library as well, containing both practical and novel, noteworthy books pertaining to many different areas of magic. In addition to these resources, there is also a professional theatre on which many shows are performed.

In a profession shrouded in mystery, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place in which to socialize and learn from your fellow peers. Fortunately, with the formation of this magicians club in 1905, there is now finally a venue in which to do just that. Expanding not only professional magician’s knowledge, but also fostering the future generation of talented performers, the Magic Circle has had a long-standing history of unique resources and events that are able to be enjoyed by its members. Its opportunities for magicians are unlike any other offered and help to enhance the rich history of magic for all involved.