|| August 23, 2010

wedding_entertainment_ideas_magazine.jpgNo two weddings are alike, nor would you want them to be. This is, after all, your big day. It’s easy to recall certain things about past weddings you’ve been to the venue, perhaps the bridal gown, and definitely the entertainment. You may recall a certain wedding where the music was just atrocious and you promised yourself never to have that issue at your own wedding. Maybe everyone left early because the bride and groom didn’t give the guests much to do besides dancing to the bad music. You really don’t want that problem, so it is important to come up with multiple wedding entertainment ideas so that you can rest assured your guests are taken care of while you enjoy your own special day.

One thing will set the tone of your ceremony more than almost anything else, and that’s the music. When deciding whether to use a band, a mobile disco DJ, or both, it’s paramount that you take into consideration the age group of the guests and not just your own music tastes. Playing the oldies to a crowd of young people is a sure-fire way to have an empty reception hall not long after the ceremony. You may have wedding entertainment ideas that follow a specific theme, just make sure you pick a song list that will engage the guests and get them dancing to music of their own generation.

While many guests at your event may be contented to just talk to each other throughout the night, coming up with wedding entertainment ideas that will keep the rest of the crowd entertained throughout the reception is important. Remember that you can only visit so many tables at once, and those that came to see you will most likely have to wait some time to do so. Those that aren’t big dancers or talkers will need to be preoccupied with something they enjoy, perhaps with a slideshow of the bride and groom in the background. It can also be fun to have a large picture of the new couple framed with white matting that guests can sign and write special wishes on.

Your wedding should be the kind of event where those invited have the option to do what they’ll enjoy the best. By coming up with wedding entertainment ideas that engage them either from dancing, talking, watching a show, or doing something special for you and your new spouse, you ensure that they’ll remember your special day as fondly as you do.

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PS. Having a magician is good fun for everyone, honest.